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    Marketing with Explainer Videos: A Quick Guide to the Immersive Media

    Generating leads begins when you engage the right audience. After that, you have to make them convert into paying customers and keep their patronage. But how can you do all these things without spending too much?

    The answer to this question lies in a new digital marketing tool called an “explainer video.” Much like infographics, explainer videos deal with the ever-shortening attention span of the audience while achieving several goals: attract the audience’s attention, explain what the company offers, and persuade them to act (i.e., buy products and services).

    But before you proceed in choosing an animation video production firm to help you with your new marketing strategy, you must first get to know more about this immersive media.

    Marketing with Explainer Videos: A Quick Guide to the Immersive Media

    What is an Explainer Video?

    Explainer videos are short, animated clips that explain an idea in an uncomplicated, compelling, and engaging manner. It combines clear language and appealing visuals to capture and keep the viewer’s attention.

    While it is also made to be entertaining, explainer videos are generally educational. This means that they contain information about a company to help potential customers understand what is being offered and how these products or services can solve their problems.

    Although anyone with a background in animation and video production can try creating an explainer video, a good production team would always include the following key components:

    Voiceover – The voiceover in an explainer video should reflect the “tone” you want to be attached to your brand. For the clip to be effective, the voiceover should reflect your website and company as a whole.

    Script – Considered as the heart of an explainer video, the script should be focused on the “pain points” of the customer and how they can be eased with the help of the product being offered. A script ideally runs for about 90 seconds and offers details about how the company can aid customers in overcoming obstacles. It may also incorporate instructions on how to use a product or service to achieve optimal results. Also find the best production company Sydney.

    Graphics – When planning the graphics, you must remember to consider the target audience. The graphics definitely determine whether an audience is able to relate to the video or not. Make it as personal for your target audience as possible and adjust according to their demographics (age, gender, profession, and race) and preferences (hobbies and dislikes) whenever necessary.

    Music – Music is another integral part of an explainer video that can determine the tone and reflect a company or brand’s “personality.” By hitting the right notes, your explainer video music can bring out the right emotions you need to make your marketing strategy effective.

    Animation – Another way to establish the reputation you want your company to have is by choosing the right animation style. For example, if you’re running a business in a no-nonsense industry like finance, you can opt for motion graphics. Alternatively, light-hearted brands like a gaming company or a child-oriented business would fare better with cartoon explainer videos.

    Subtitles – Most explainer videos are used in social media marketing. According to a study, as much as 85 percent of Facebook clips are muted while being watched which means that, for your explainer clip to effectively send a message, it should include subtitles.

    Top 3 Marketing Benefits of an Explainer Video:

    As a marketing tool, explainer videos offer a way for companies to give their target audience a taste of what they offer in just 90 seconds. Since humans are naturally inclined to moving pictures rather than blocks of texts, video marketing is worthy of being called the better choice in creating and managing a brand. You can check out this site, https://www.acscaptions.com/services/post-production-closed-captioning-service/

    Aside from that, here are three more things you and your company can gain from using this nifty marketing tool:

    1. Enhanced SEO Results:

    In digital marketing, the rules search engines set can either make or break a campaign’s success. This is the very reason why search engine optimization (SEO) is constantly evolving – to adapt to new rules and ensure that websites gain as many converting leads and as much traffic as possible.

    Fortunately, explainer videos can help your company achieve this by boosting the results of your SEO campaign. Search engine algorithms favor websites with videos since they increase the time people spend on a website. Plus, they can be shared on multiple platforms, especially on popular video-sharing sites like YouTube.

    2. Boosted Sales:

    Over the years, multiple studies have been published proving the efficacy of animated marketing videos in increasing lead conversion rates by an average of more than 30 percent. This is because explainer videos have a higher chance of engaging customers and convince them to “act” on what is being advertised.

    3. Establish Brand Trust:

    Brand reputation is an important stepping stone to a company’s success. Explainer videos are great for doing this if used the right way. What you need to do is carry over the style you’ve established for your brand on your website and other marketing paraphernalia into your explainer video.

    A Final Word:

    Explainer video production is performed to achieve several different purposes but with only one primary goal – to capture and keep the audience’s attention. To use this nifty tool effectively, you must ensure that you and your team fully understand how an explainer video is made and what you can get from using it.

    Author bio: Anthony Lam is the founder of Punchy Digital Media, a creative agency that helps organisations grow using animated videos and creative visual content. Punchy has a team across Australia and Asia and has worked with clients such as Apple, Westpac and the Australian Government, running campaigns and reaching millions of people.

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