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    8 Awesome Long Kurti Styles Every Women Should Follow

    Long Kurtis are all time favorite outfit of women. It has an ethnic look which attracts modest women. Kurtis are equally popular among fashion hungry women. A smarter version of traditional kurta has a lot of variety. Its rapidly increasing popularity is compelling fashion designers to add something new to the conventional kurtis. To keep up the pace with the demand they are doing experiments, and as a result, one can get ample choices. They can choose anything from ethnic to Indo –Western style with different cuts, patterns, and combinations. Long kurtis can be paired with a churidar, palazzo, jeans, skirt, shorts and many more bottom wear. Fabrics used for kurti are commonly cotton, georgette, chiffon, denim, silk, polyester.

    8 Awesome Long Kurti Styles Every Women Should Follow

    1.  Variety of Long Kurti:

    According to the demand of the occasion, one can pick up a long kurti from an endless variety of the kurti. Long kurti can be worn in different combination. Some of the popular type of long kurti are Anarkali kurti, A-Line kurti, Kaftan kurti, Angrakha kurti, flared kurti, Dhoti style kurti, long straight kurti, gown style kurti, front slit kurti and many more.

    2.  Long kurtis with leggings:

    Long kurtis can be paired with leggings. From sheer to printed leggings, everything will be a lovely combination with long kurtis. Especially Anarkali, A-line kurti, long straight kurti teamed up nicely with a legging.

    3.  Kurti with Cigarette Pant:

    Long kurti with cigarette pant is another stylish combination. A kurti, woven in costly material or a designer kurti of elegant color paired with this bottom wearer can be worn on a special occasion like a wedding.

    4.  Skirt and Long Kurti:

    A skirt and a kurti combination give a new style statement to the fashion world. Long kurti with a long ethnic skirt with matching accessories will give a total new look to the wearer. A colorful flared skirt or a skirt having detail craft work, paired up with kurti, gives an outstanding look to the wearer. A crushed stole wrapped around the neck will add a fantastic look to the garment owner.

    5.  Long kurti as a dress:

    Long kurti will become a western garment if you wear it without any bottom garment. It gives an extra stylish look to the wearer and creates a new fashion statement. High- heel footwear and an earring will give the wearer a stunning look.

    6.  Front cut Long Kurtis with Shorts:

    If a young girl wants to get a super cool look, she can team up denim short with a front slit long kurti. Simple long kurti can also be paired with the same bottom garment.

    7.  Kurti with Jeans:

    Jeans can be teamed up with a Kurti. Long or short both types of kurti goes equally well with a pair of jeans. It gives comfort to the wearer. For a casual look, this combination is the best.

    8.  Long kurti as a blouse with a saree:

    In some part of rural India, women wear kameez type blouse with saree. The fashion world has taken this idea, and Long kurti is worn as saree blouse. Kurti, when paired up with saree, gives a rare look to the wearer.

    Asymmetrical Long Kurtis with different bottom garment:

    Asymmetrical Long kurtis are also in trend. They paired up better with palazzo, churidar or a pencil cut pants.

    Kurtis, choice of everyone

    The wardrobe of a fashion-oriented woman must be stuffed with various designer kurtis. Simple kurtis , printed kurtis are chosen for casual purpose. A designer kurti, kurti like Anarkali kurti are the right choice for special ceremonies like festivals or weddings. Kurtis with long sleeves, short sleeves or sleeveless are available. A best fit kurti with right combination enhance the fashion quotient of a person. Long kurti is an all-time favorite outfit of all age group.

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