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    6 Tips to Style Your Bespoke Suit This Summer

    With the many perks a bespoke suit offers, it is the top choice for men who want to look and feel their best for their work or an event any time of the year.

    With a professionally-made bespoke suit, you will have your shirt and suit created exactly to your needs and preferences.  The suit will come in the color and design you want. Its size and fit will be perfect for your body as well.

    Another perk that comes with going for custom-made suits is that you have a say in everything. From the choice of clothing material to the stitches, the number of pockets and style, you will definitely get the outfit that has eluded you for years.

    6 Tips to Style Your Bespoke Suit This Summer

    Styling Your Suit During the Summer Season:

    With summer only a few weeks away, you need to be prepared to look stylish and dapper even when the temperatures are high.

    Below are six tips that will help you feel and look cool during the year’s hottest season while wearing your favorite suit:

    1. Choose a cool fabric for your suit:

    If you are planning on having one or two bespoke suits made this season, make sure you choose a fabric that looks great yet won’t cause you to suffer under intense heat.

    The best fabrics for suits you can wear during summer are:
    Cotton – Although stiffer than wool, cotton is cooler and breathable. A cotton suit will, therefore, help you stay cool and reduce perspiration even if it is extremely hot outside.

    Linen – Another lightweight fabric, linen is also breathable. As such, it is the perfect fabric for a summer suit.

    Fresco wool – This fabric is made of multiple strands of high-twisted fresco wool with an open weave. The open weave allows for maximum airflow and allows the fabric to stay airy. Additionally, fresco wool wicks away sweat thereby allowing you to look and feel cool even during the hottest days.

    Chambray – Also known as cambric, this lightweight cotton fabric is slightly glossy and durable. Chambray suits are cool even during summer since they simultaneously flow as you move and are soft to the touch.

    Seersucker – This fabric is often considered the best material for summer suits. It is lightweight and its puckered texture pulls away from the body, making it extra airy.

    2. Choose light colors:

    This summer, black, navy, and charcoal gray suits are definitely out.

    During the hot season, opt for lighter colors since they help reflect heat instead of absorbing it. Great light colors to look for are light gray, baby blue, and khaki.

    Summer is also the perfect time to start introducing vibrancy and boldness into your wardrobe. You can go for berry, maroon, and cherry red.

    3. Opt for an unstructured blazer:

    Whether you’re buying a bespoke or off-the-rack blazer, choose a lightweight one. This means selecting an unstructured blazer made of cotton or linen.

    An unstructured blazer is breathable, and you can use it to layer over anything — from t-shirts to short-sleeved oxfords.

    Although this type of blazer may sometimes appear to not be formal enough, it will still make you look stylish without sweating bullets.

    4. Upgrade your shirts and boxers:

    To feel more comfortable during the really warm days, opt for solid, cool, and breathable shirts. Suped-up tees will ensure you look good without adding layers. Color blocking henleys and shirts with subtle textures are excellent options as well.

    The collarless or “granddad” shirt is another great option. It is a stylish shirt that is never uncomfortable or too hot to wear.

    Make sure you feel cool below the waist as well, so invest in a few seersucker shorts. You will also feel more comfortable even when temperatures are high by wearing boxers made of breezy Irish linen.

    5. Fake the sockless look:

    This summer, go sockless but not entirely. Instead of wearing long socks, wear no-show liner socks during the hot season.

    By wearing invisible or no-show liner socks, you will wick away sweat and prevent painful chafing without letting others see that you are wearing them.

    6. Never forget to carry a handkerchief:

    A hanky is one of the classic accessories that complete a suit as well as your dapper look. It is one of the best functional accessories to have as well.

    Summer comes hand in hand with allergies, sweat, and oily and dirty skin. With a well-stashed hanky, you can keep your face looking clean and fresh wherever you are. It will also come in really handy if your palms tend to sweat a lot.

    This summer, don’t let the hot weather prevent you from looking your best. Follow these tips so you stay cool while wearing your bespoke suit in the summer without compromising comfort and personal style.

    Author bio: AlphaSuit is the brainchild of Master Haberdasher, Sean McKee. Over a span of more than 2 decades, has provided custom suits to some of the successful leaders in America. With AlphaSuit, he now brings this same premium service to you, but at 60-70% less than the traditional price.

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