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    How to Land a Job Using Linkedin

    Whether you are an active or passive job seeker, LinkedIn is a fertile ground for promoting your capabilities to a large audience to international companies and potential recruiters. That notwithstanding, you also get to connect with your current and former colleagues which optimizes your chances of landing a dream job.

    With the increase in technology absorption, company executives are resulting to social media to recruit. LinkedIn is one formidable platform that most companies are resulting to for recruitment. And with more than 500 Million users, you don’t want to get buried in the rubble or the crowd.

    How then do you optimize this game-changing platform to land your next job? How to turn on job seeker badge linkedin?

    Build your network before you need it

    Having a strong and credible network is absolutely essential. It is a reflection of the people you trust and know. People you can trust to come through when you badly need a recommendation for a new job opening. No matter how far you have advanced in your career, your network is like a fallback net when you don’t have a job. You shouldn’t wait until you are jobless to start growing your LinkedIn network.

    How to Land a Job Using Linkedin

    As a starting point, you can create There is a "magic" number of connections to have on LinkedIn, and that number is 100. As a general rule of thumb, maintaining at least 100 trusted contacts augment your chances of connecting with professionals and companies that are looking for individuals of your caliber.

    Keep your profile updated:

    To optimize your profile, always ensure that your title matches what most recruiters are looking for. In order to do so, always search for the type of job you are looking for and phrase your title using the widely used keywords.

    Additionally, summarize your profile to include the most relevant skills which gives you brownie points over your fellow job seekers. As an added bonus, you can include the job you are looking for. If you are currently working and wouldn’t want your boss to know you are looking for a new job, turn off your profile updates so they won’t be notified every time you make a change.

    Join groups and be active:

    There are countless groups on LinkedIn cutting across all industries. Recent research indicates that the groups feature is the widely used by many users. 

    Join groups that resonate with your skills and interests and be an active member. Post useful, interesting, and relevant content in these groups. You can choose to personal blog posts or videos and even the ones you have read.

    Second, be easily accessible by availing yourself for engagements. Conduct surveys and where your network can provide easy answers. It goes without saying; always remember to engage back by replying to all comments without arousing an argument. 

     Show that you a motivated job seeker:

    You won’t hear this from the LinkedIn “old guard” who are desperately trying to keep a tight grip on their turf. But regardless of your experience on using the platform, you can land your dream job easily than you think by setting yourself apart.

    You can upgrade your account with the free 30-day trial package with a subsequent payment of £12.95 per month. This package grants you the ‘Job Seeker Badge’ which gives employers an indication that you are on the lookout for a new opportunity.

    This facility undoubtedly shows potential employers that you are a serious candidate who is ready to invest in their job hunt.

    Make use of recommendations and referrals:

    If happen to come across a job listing on LinkedIn, you have the privilege of seeing the connection you have with the hiring manager. Contact LinkedIn and request for a recommendation from one of the employees from that company. The good thing with this recommendation is that it allows you to edit and personalize it.

    These recommendations give you an upper hand and boost your credibility before the employer’s eyes. As an added bonus, you can request one of your network members to endorse you for a certain skill that you possess. 

    The reason we are for endorsement is because it helps you emphasize what you can do. Most of your networks members will easily give you a recommendation as they are most likely to come back for you to reciprocate the same.

    Kick into detective mode:

    No matter how prepared you are for a meeting, there are still some rough edges that need smoothening. You can be proactive by choosing to conduct a bit of research in a bid to find a common ground with a potential employer prior to your meeting.

    According to statistics, LinkedIn gets two new members every second. You can use the people searcher before making a connection. You will discover a lot of useful information like how long your potential employer has been in their current position and even where they have worked before.

    Such an approach gives you answers or even brownie points during those awkward silences when you finally meet face to face.

    Final thoughts:

    More than ever, LinkedIn has revolutionized the way savvy job seekers hustle for their dream job. It’s just a matter of creating an eye-catching profile, engaging in conversations, and connecting with pioneers and bigwigs in their respective professions. However, it shouldn’t be all about job seeking. It’s also about developing a genuine interest in your career path and all the possibilities that the future holds for you.

    About the Author: 

    Daniel Chabert - Writing from Denmark, Dan is also an entrepreneur & Co-manager of several sites for your house needs and others. You can check these out Contractorculture, That Sweet Gift, Borncute, Nicershoes and Runnerclick. He is a travel Scholar at the same time a health Enthusiast.

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