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    Most Important Weight Loss & Diet Myths Revealed

    Myth #1: Losing weight is impossible

    It is very hard--just ask anyone who has done it, but it can be done. More than two decades ago, the National Weight Control Registry began keeping track of everybody who managed to lose thirty pounds at a minimum, and keep it off for more than a year. More than ten thousand people are part currently on the registry, and they average around sixty six pounds of lost weight. Research has been done into how these people were so successful in their weight loss, and so far the vast majority of people in the study are saying that all they did was change their diet and exercise more.

    Most Important Weight Loss And Diet Myths Revealed

    Myth #2: It’s all about exercise and diet

    Studies like the one discussed in the previous myth do tend to end up saying that people who lose the most weight do it through a combination of diet and exercise, but that is not the full story. It is one way of losing weight, but it is not the be all and end all of the story. Some people have other factors coming into it, and do need to rely on procedures like those in Bay Bariatrics to help them. Biology can sometimes work against a person, as well as their environment, and the food they have available to them. These things can make it much less easy than simply having fewer calories on a daily basis.

    Metabolism itself actively works against the theory that just having fewer calories, because the body enters famine mode, and makes it even more difficult to drop the weight. Rather than eating fewer calories, the best recommendations have people actually eating the same amount, if perhaps a little less, but simply switching the processed foods and excessive carbohydrates for more natural produce and nutrient rich foods.

    Myth #3: Calories are all equal

    Many people think that one calorie is much like another, but this is not always true. For people who have no issues with their weight, and no overarching health issues, this is mostly the case, but if you do fall into one of those two categories, then looking at where your calories come from can be beneficial. Calories which come from sources which contain excess sugar and fat are perhaps not sources which should be used when losing weight – the calories which come from more natural sources are perhaps better if changes need to be made.

    Myth #4: Being overweight is solely tied to too much food

    Eating too much food does have a hand in this, but movement (or the lack of it) plays a part as well. There are multiple factors which go into being overweight, and these factors include everything from highly processed food being a staple of people’s diets, to our more sedentary lifestyles. It is not just about food intake, but about a multitude of factors which tie together in ways we don’t fully understand. 

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