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    Melissa Bolona Wows in David Koma Dress

    Melissa Bolona is always looking fabulous, no matter what she wears. One of the most eye-catching new images on the Melissa Bolona Instagram account shows her wearing a dress by David Koma. Of course, it is nothing new to see Melissa Bolona modeling figure-flattering, fashion forward clothes on her social media accounts, but this picture is special. This is not just any dress, and David Koma is not just any designer.

    Who is David Koma?

    Given his British accent and his towering presence at London Fashion Week, it makes sense that people think of David Koma as a British designer. Britain is actually not his original home, though. David Komakhidze was born in Tbilisi, the capital of the Republic of Georgia in the Caucasus Mountains.  The script for writing is the Georgian language, but David Koma styles his name in an angular font more reminiscent of the Cyrillic (Russian) alphabet. This choice makes sense given that Georgia was previously part of the Soviet Union and that David studied fashion in Russia in his youth.

    Melissa Bolona Wows in David Koma Dress

    What is Special about David Koma’s Dresses?

    David Koma’s fashions stand out because they are structured in a way to flatter the wearer’s figure. He accomplishes this feat with small steel tubes inside the clothes. People who graduated from high school in the 1990s will recognize this structured look from 90s prom dresses.  Celebrities who have worn his fashions include Kate Mara, Ivanka Trump, and, of course, Melissa Bolona. Melissa’s fans and social media followers can agree that Melissa wore it best.

    Melissa Bolona has modeled clothes by many designers. Her modeling career shows a blend of European, American, and South American fashion sense. Fashion lovers will always find something to enjoy in Melissa’s modeling pictures on her social media accounts. 

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