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    Business Owners Know about Networking & App Storage

    Top 6 things Business Owners should know about Networking & App Storage

    There is a lot of different advice to look at when it comes to the best storage for your business but this article will give the basics of what to consider.

    Business Owners Know about Networking & App Storage

    Capacity – how much can it store? How much do you need it to store? These are questions you need to ask yourself when looking at storage, because different options have different needs and uses – IBM is vastly different from NetApp, for example. Smaller businesses will want to choose storage which can be easily expanded on, and which is cheap, to accommodate their lack of resources. Bigger companies have more choice, since they also know how much data they have, and can make an accurate guess at how much that will change in the future. Capacity is something which you need to pay attention to.

    Price – the price of storage is very important, and it can vary by company. A company which is just starting out may be able to afford only a small amount of money per month, while a big company can afford much more. Alternatively, a smaller company might decide to spend more on storage by cutting somewhere else, thus being able to afford more.

    Discs – the disc capacity of the storage is something to look at as well, since that will affect how much can be held in storage. Is the storage something which comes with its own discs, or do you have to provide that? What are the storage capacities of the individual discs in question? Do you need physical storage, or are you more interested in the cloud?

    Wi-Fi – check the Wi-Fi connection, this is very important. If you are storing your data offsite, and you should, then Wi-Fi is a necessity. This allows data to be moved to and from storage, and also allows your workers to move around freely while continuing to work on their jobs. A strong connection will keep the data flowing smoothly, and ensure that there are no lags either in backing it up or in retrieving it whenever it is needed.

    Operating system – what operating system does the storage use? It needs to be compatible with the other technology in the company, so that does rule out a few operating systems in one case, a few in another. This is something which does take some consideration, so be careful before you buy

    Security – security is the top priority when buying storage – make sure that your data is protected as much as possible. This security should extend to the data being passed to and fro from storage, as well as the container itself. Your security is something which should change depending on what you need out of your storage – do you need security which can be bypassed to allow clients in, or should it keep everybody out unless they specifically have access to the data? These are all examples of questions you need to ask yourself.

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