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    Food Industry Product Packaging Things You Need to Know

    No matter who you are, you must have been consuming some kinds of products that are packaged in flexible packaging. But chances are you have no idea what flexible packaging is. But almost anybody from manufacturing should have a good idea about flexible packaging.

    What Is Flexible Packaging?

    In its simplest definition, wraps, sachets, porches, envelops and bags made of easily yielding materials such as paper foil, firm, or paper sheeting which, when filled and sealed, acquires completely flexible shape.

    Why Flexible Packaging?

    food flexible packaging
    Flexible packaging comes with so many unique advantages for manufacturers. Here are some of the major advantages of flexible packaging:

    Lightweight: some traditional packaging materials like plastic bottles, cardboards, paper bags and many other are heavy and take up lot of space when stored or transported. On the other hand, flexible packaging is very lightweight and takes very little space, making storing and transporting easy. 

    Cost Advantage: The cost of any kind of flexible packaging is far much less than traditional packaging alternatives. The percentage of packaging content in a product is just around 5 percent. So, the per unit production cost is very little. 

    Product Safety: When packaged with flexible packaging, the products are safe and last longer in shelf, do not get destroyed in transportation and most importantly remain contaminant free. 

    Promotional Advantage: you can print on the flexible packaging whatever you want. Promoting your product and brand is easier and cost effective. Products look much more attractive to customers. Proper organizing on a shelf will make it look so very attractive. So, using vivid and clear logos and texts make promotion easy and effective. 

    Customization: when you go with best flexible packaging materials such as porches and films for packaging of your product, customization of product is easiest for you. You can make many sizes of each product and do the product packaging without spending much in product packaging. 

    Role of Flexible Packaging In Food Industry

    While flexible packaging are widely used in industries like health products, household cleaners, pet food and supplies, it has been playing the most important role in food industry. Food products like backed goods, beverages, deli, crackers, condiments, confections, tea, breakfast products, coffee and baking mixes are the most suitable for flexible packaging.

    Food Industry Product Packaging

    In fact, the use of flexible packaging in food industry has enabled manufacturers to lessen overall packaging costs, increase marketing and promotion effectiveness, and transport and store products more efficiently. If you just visit your nearest supermarket, you will find almost all the packaged food products use flexible packaging.


    The rise of flexible packaging in food industry makes it imperative for the businesses in the food industry look out for top porch packaging companies around them and take advantage of this relatively new packaging technology. 

    Even legal selling of marijuana is take advantage of flexible packaging. Thus, marijuana flexible packaging helping the industry pack their marijuana based products more effectively, safely and cost effectively.

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