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    7 Best Music Streaming Apps for iPad & iPhone

    You don’t have to categorically select your music when there are best music streaming apps for iPad and iPhone. All you have to do is get internet and maybe some subscription, after that, the doorway to tons of unlimited music is open. Some of the music is even sorted already to suit whatever activities you do. To save you the hassle of searching the perfect streaming apps, below is a list of best streaming music apps for your device.

    Best Music Streaming Apps for iPad & iPhone

    7 Best Music Streaming Apps for iPad & iPhone

    1. Spotify Music Streaming App

    There’s no better way to streaming music on both your iPhone and iPad if is not Spotify. Sporting one of the largest database, the music catalog is endless. It has excellent search features such as search by track, album or artist. For easy streaming, Spotify gives you personal recommendations and also readymade playlists. If you don’t like them, you can create your playlist and stream according to your preferences.

    It can connect to Facebook, and this enables you to share your playlist and save other people the hassle. You can listen to anything on the free version, but you have to keep up with ads. To get rid of them, you have to subscribe to one of their plans. Subscription is better and cheaper than buying the music.

    2. Google Play Music Streaming App

    Powered by Google’s AI network, Google Play Music serves your music depending on our locale and also your taste; it learns with time. It doesn’t matter in your current mood or situation, the pre-built and radio based music it provides will fit perfectly with your preferences. Even if you don’t pay for a subscription, you can upload your MP3s to the web and stream them to any of your devices.

    To avoid ads, listen offline and stream without interruptions, it is recommended that you get a subscription. The best thing about the subscription is that you get a free YouTube Red membership and an ad-free YouTube at no additional cost. Since it uses your locale, make sure you turn off your GPS to avoid unnecessary battery drain.

    3. Slacker Radio Music Streaming App

    If you’re looking for something different in terms of streaming, that’s why Slacker exists, it's different, and it has got your back. Slacker radio app will give you access to free music, handcrafted music stations and the power to create your music stations. Also, you get to share them.

    Chances are, Slacker will lavish your taste with the right music. Apart from music, Slacker radio gives you exclusively hosted music shows weekly and uniquely interactive news, talk and sports programming. With a subscription, you open access to on-demand music, and you also get offline playback. Furthermore, a subscription gets rid of ads and enables you to have the ability of unlimited skips and listen to your music at the maximum audio quality.

    4. Amazon Prime Music Streaming App

    Amazon is amazing in most things including having one of the best streaming music app for iPhone and iPad. The Amazon prime music app lets you stream music from the company’s vast catalog. According to what you listened earlier, Amazon recommends music that fits your previous taste. It has categories such as Classic Rock, 80’s and much in case you want a quick music station on the go.

    The app has an intuitive interface which is also very easy to use. The search icon is the best feature as it allows you to get a plethora of music and build your library each day. Hence their tagline, “changing the way you find and play the music you love.” With a prime membership, your experience will always be ad-free. You can also let Alexa play your music for you.

    5. SoundCloud Music Streaming App

    Soundcloud is the easiest, quickest and a great way to find and stream music you love. After all, it is the world's largest music and audio streaming platform. Not only you discover the best music, but also SoundCloud enables you to find talent. You can upload music to Soundcloud and listen to what other upcoming artists upload without a need to sign a contract.

    It’s one of the streaming music app with a social aspect infrastructure. The more your social feed is, the better you are. Like the above apps, without a subscription, you will have to deal with ads. You can test the premium membership through their 30-day free trial period.

    6. Tidal Music Streaming App

    To wrap up the list here is Tidal if the above streaming apps didn’t meet your requirements. Tidal offers music in a High-Fidelity sound quality. It also features high definition music videos. Among the perks you will enjoy if you pick Tidal are; curated tailor-made recommendations, lossless audio experience of up 40 million tracks and an offline mode. Most of the music is focused on hip-hop, soul, and RnB, but they have also ventured into other genres. Its subscription plans include premium and HiFi; the latter is expensive.


    The above is our pick of the best music streaming apps for iPad and iPhone. But we know that’s not all, there are other many apps with the same capabilities. If you have a favorite, let us know in the comment section below. For now, get your devices and start enjoying the music.

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