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    Ways to Improve and Increase Goldco Customer Review

    Marketing is a captivating presentation of a brand's specifications. Times are changing, and many companies have turned to digital marketing strategies. An integral part of digital marketing is customer reviews.

    Through reviews, there is a direct connection with potential online customers. In the present day, customer review has contributed significantly to the growth of many businesses. For example, you can check out Goldco reviews and testimonials for a clear picture of how customer reviews can impact a company. 

    Note that emotions play a significant role in the decision of a consumer to purchase a product. Most consumers rely on consumer reviews to make an informed decision. When a customer talks highly of your brand, it forms trust. Also, it promotes a better relationship with the client. Check out these ways you can improve and increase Goldco customer reviews.

    Ways to Improve and Increase Goldco Customer Review

    Ways to Improve and Increase Goldco Customer Review

    •  Put your reviews front and center

    Customer reviews are the best tools when it comes to sales. Research has shown that seventy percent of consumers look at a product's testimonials before buying. 

    Another sixty-three percent of consumers state that they are more likely to purchase from a company with higher ratings and consumer reviews. A good strategy would be to put some reviews right on the company's homepage. 

    Publish the products on their pages with their specific reviews. Another idea would be to add a new page specifically for posting remarkable appraisals from customers and always use a link on the top nav.

    •  Contact customers who leave you excellent reviews

    A great way to appreciate your loyal clients who leave excellent reviews would be by contacting them. This will allow you to get a chance to obtain consent from the customer to publish their review on your website and also on social media platforms. 

    Also, the customers that are not camera-shy, you can request a video testimonial which is a great marketing plan. 

    Once you have contacted these consumers, you can be assured of constantly receiving feedback on either the products or services you provide to them. 

    •  Get on the same sites as your clients

    Allowing customers to easily access your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms from your store is a great marketing plan. Be social and easily accessible to your customers if they need to inquire or comment on the products and services you offer. On the other hand, it will be easier for you to answer the question directly and converse with the client.

    •  Follow up with customers

    The best way to increase and improve customer reviews is to follow up with the consumer after purchase. This way, you will get feedback when the product purchase is still fresh in their mind. Follow-up makes it easier for clients to submit their shout-outs. 

    Also, it builds a better relationship between the seller and the buyer. The use of email is the best way to make a follow-up with a client. You can also send them an official message through the contacts they have provided you.

    •  Ask the right questions

    Depending on your targeted audience, it is good to have a good plan for the expected answers from your consumers. Get to understand what your audience is interested in and their concerns when purchasing a product. 

    Once you clearly understand your audience and have questions aligned with that, you will surely get excellent customer reviews. Also, when asking questions, avoid being too personal to make the consumer comfortable to express themselves. 

    Additionally, the questions should be clear and relevant to the products and services the client is interested in.

    •  Contact customers who leave a negative comment

    Negative comments have a positive impact on a business. They help you correct your mistakes, especially when it involves more than one consumer complaining about a specific product. This way, the seller tries as much as they can to improve the said product. It is advisable to respond to negative comments with the same enthusiasm as those with positive comments.

    •  Reward consumers who review your products

    Who does not like discounts? I guess that every customer would like to get discounts on products they purchase at least once in a while. Another way to improve and increase customers' reviews is by rewarding loyal clients who review the products and services that you offer. Coupons are the best way to reward your consumers. Surprise your frequent customers with a ten percent discount on the products they purchase.

    •  Run a contest on your products and services

    With the help of your frequent customers, you can run a simple contest. You may ask your clients to post on your social media platforms using a hashtag. This will reach a large audience and hence receive more reviews from customers. Be sure to keep your promise to the winners of your contest.

    •  Obtain consent from customers to publish their reviews

    It is always advisable to ask for permission from your customers before posting their reviews on your website and social media platforms. 

    Also, obtain consent to use their names and pictures when posting reviews. As mentioned earlier, most customers get attached to genuine feedback from other customers. Also, reviews that contain pictures and names increase a brand's credibility and reputation. 

    Moreover, using a client's pictures when posting their feedback is a great way to show appreciation and make the consumer feel comfortable. Click here to learn more.


    Customer reviews act as social proof and strengthen a company's credibility. Research has shown that reviews contribute to increased digital earnings. On the other hand, reviews greatly influence a buyer's decision on a product or service. Also, your company's ranking can increase through customer reviews. They are known to be a haven that allows consumers to express their opinions freely, and their voice is heard. The ways mentioned above will help you improve and increase your consumers' reviews. It is advisable to take in all the positive or negative comments. This will give you a great platform to better understand your customers and their preferences.

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