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    A Quick View of the Trespassing Criminal Charges

    Trespassing laws in the United States can vary across states and sometimes even within a particular state. In general, all states' trespass laws require showing the intent of the person to enter or stay on another person's property even after being specifically asked to leave. However, some common circumstances do not always involve criminal trespass. For example, you accidentally or inadvertently entered a property. So, the criminal charges apply when you remain on others' property without their approval. In Ohio, there are three scenarios for this.

    A Quick View of the Trespassing Criminal Charges

    A Quick View of the Trespassing Criminal Charges

    Criminal trespass

    Certain situations call for a criminal offense if you enter someone's property knowingly. Even after reading the sign prohibiting entry, entering a premise can also amount to this charge. Or, if you don't leave the place even after getting alerted by people, you land yourself in this case.

    Aggravated trespass

    Staying on someone’s property with intent to harm them qualifies as the case of aggravated trespass crime. Even if someone suspects you of this, you can be in trouble. So, be careful about these things.

    Penalties against trespassing

    A convict of a trespassing crime has to face jail time and a monetary penalty. These can vary based on the nature of the crime, though. If it is a case of a 4th-degree misdemeanor, you may have to spend 30 days in prison and pay a fine of USD $250. If you entered the property with a motorcycle, vehicle, or snowmobile, the amount would be double. If the charges are for aggravated trespassing, it will be a first-degree misdemeanor. It means your penalty can be USD $1000, and there can be a jail term of up to 180 days. In the third case, while all the other terms remain the same as the aggravated trespass, you may additionally have to do community work for certain pre-determined hours. 

    Trespassing public amusement places

    Entering a restricted area of a public amusement facility is also a violation of state laws. 

    Things to consider

    If you don't wish to spend precious time of your life behind bars, you would want to come out on bail and prepare your defense. Because penalties are hefty, you can wonder how to arrange them. You need to talk to a recognized bail bonds agency like Castle Bail Bonds for help. They can work out a suitable payment plan based on your needs and post your bail on your behalf. Once you are free, you can hire a proper attorney to successfully navigate you through the legal proceedings. 

    Nobody can ever be mentally ready to face these situations. So, no matter why you entered a property without the owner's consent, you cannot let things slip out of your hand. When slammed with criminal charges for such entry, you have to maintain your calm and plan the strategies. Else, you will not have much left. The long term spent in jail will stain your public image and perception forever. You may not be able to lead a regular life after this. Hence, make sure you do everything possible to get out of prison. In this, posting your bail is the foremost thing, where only your bail bonds agent can help.

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