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    Shopify SEO Agency: Personalization Tips To Grow Your SEO

    We all live in the era of personalization where people run towards services that are relevant to them and make them feel special. According to a report by Forrester, personalization tops the list of the top technology investments in retail services. In addition, personalization has a great impact on most eCommerce services. Another report by Rethinking Retail suggests that 86% of the customers respond positively to website personalization. 

    Whether you have a Shopify website or any other eCommerce service, always make sure you keep personalization a top priority in your marketing strategy. When you partner with a Shopify SEO agency that focuses on offering a customized experience to your customers and other effective techniques, you can assure your win here. 

    Shopify SEO Agency: Personalization Tips To Grow Your SEO

    Shopify SEO Agency: Personalization Tips To Grow Your SEO

    How does personalization work for your Shopify website?

    Personalization is the process of creating marketing efforts using the data and information about your target audience. It is an important step, especially in the retail sector. Personalization increases your business profit and sparks loyalty. 

    There are some exclusive strategies that every Shopify SEO expert will use to boost your personalization efforts. 

    Use information relevant to the user

    When you create your website's content using the user's local information like location so that it suits their situation, You manage to have their utmost attention. You can take the example of a fashion website very.co.uk which displays clothes related to the weather of a person's location using their IP address. They even address the logged-in clients with their names. In addition, some sites use iFrames to offer dynamic, personalized content to their users. 

    Note: Google's ability to crawl iframes is somewhat limited, so avoid your site's core content and keywords in the iframes. 

    Perform A/B testing

    The idea behind A/B testing is to test which version of your website works best for your audience. You serve one website version to one group and different content to other groups. Those variants can be anything from a simple headline to a complex layout. The objective is to discover the element causing maximum engagement. It allows you to create custom messaging in the best way possible. 

    Offer language preferences

    A Shopify website can offer a global experience. Suppose you want to be the highlight for people from all across the world. There is a huge possibility that they don't understand your store's language. That is why a Shopify SEO consultant will present language preferences from where they can choose the one that they know and understand. Some online stores even automatically detect an individual's language and offer them services in their mother language. 

    Beacon technology

    Various technologies allow mortar stores to engage and communicate with their clients via mobile phones. One such technology is beacon technology, which works something like this:

    Retailers attach beacons to their store- Beacons get connected to client's Bluetooth- Beacons send the signal to open the app on mobile phones- Through this beacon offers the client loads of information.

    You can transfer information such as product availability in your store, coupon discounts, etc., and personalize their shopping experience. You can even utilize this technology to encourage your clients to post reviews praising your website. This method works great for bringing maximum local traffic to your website.   

    Final Words

    Personalization is a very crucial technique among all Shopify SEO services. When you offer services relevant to your audience, they are more likely to purchase from you. Try to perform A/B testing and choose the format and systems that work great for your audience. Offer them language preferences and make them feel special. 

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