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    A Portable Commode Chair to Solve Mobility Issues

    A commode chair is a portable or mobile toilet used by people who find using the bathrooms difficult due to their physical condition. These chairs become vital for people with any disability or mobility issue. A vessel is attached to the bottom of the commode that needs to be emptied after each use. It is a portable and safer option for elderly adults too. Commodes make it simpler to use toilets and protect the privacy of people. Various types of commode chairs are available in the market in different sizes and shapes. Here is a look at a few of them:

    A Portable Commode Chair to Solve Mobility Issues

    Types of Commode Chair

    Commode toilet chairs range from portable, static, to bariatric. The reasons why a lot of aged people are shifting to them are easy affordability and comfort. These chairs are widely used in hospitals to assist people with mobility issues. Specific seats come with armrests for extra comfort and support. The variety of raised toilet seats is helpful for those who have difficulty lowering themselves.

    As per the Australian Network on Disability, among the disabled people in Australia, about 1.9 million are above 65. So, the portable seat becomes vital for this category of people.

    Bariatric Over Toilet Commode

    This product benefits those looking for greater seat height and width. It is extra wide to accommodate people with heavy weight. There is also removable back support that comes in handy while lifting the lid. The armrests are stylish and have a non-slip feature. The frame of the seat adjusts as per height. Some products come with an added bucket, lid, and splash guard.

    Two in One Folding Commode

    The two-in-one folding is used both over the toilet and beside it. It is suitable for knee or hip injuries as it offers greater height. The adjustable frame and removable backrest increase its efficiency. It can fold quickly, making storage and transportation convenient. The tips have non-slip rubber for higher safety. In most cases, a person will likely receive an entry-level pot and splash guard along with the commode. 

    Bariatric Drop Arm Commode

    These chairs come with an extra-wide platform and are comfortable during long hours of sitting. The drop-down arms aid in the extra width. Besides, the seat comes with removable clips to make cleaning easy. The wide moulded backrest and padded armrest provide solace during extreme health conditions. The pot, splash guard, and lid accompany the seat in most cases. Moreover, this product has rubber tips for enhancing safety standards. 

    Bedside Commode

    The bedside chair comes with removable bowls. The chair is supplied with a padded seat and armrest and can be placed beside a bed. The seat can easily slide back to access the commode. Besides, the three-sided vanity skirt plays a vital role in concealing the bowl. 

    Importance of Commode Chairs

    A mobility toilet helps a person use a bathroom without requiring significant assistance. It brings a feeling of independence without having to compromise on hygiene. 

    Privacy is quite a concern, with people depending on others for their biological needs. The portable seats help maintain the dignity of a person and preserve their privacy. 

    The support bars in the seats make them a safer option for senior adults and the specially abled. One can use the chair all by themselves, lowering the risk of an injury.

    Final Thoughts

    The portable toilet in Australia will range from $150 to $1500. The price depends on the quality of the product and the requirements of an individual. These chairs are also beneficial in care facilities that deal with elderly patients. The safety and comfort standards are increasing daily with new varieties in the market.

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