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    What are the Operations of Law Firms in Dubai?

    Law Firms operate all-around in Dubai. A Law firm is generally a business entity that consists of a minimum of one to many more attorneys who engage in practicing law and other related matters. The prime motive is to render their legal services against the fee charged. They also provide legal representation to a variety of clients including individuals and corporations. Law Firms in Dubai all have to be owned by Emirati Lawyers like other Emirates e.g. Law Firms in Ajman, Law Firms in Sharjah, etc.

    Dubai Law Firms have a special reputation and status. Law firms are responsible to advise their clients about their duties, responsibilities, and rights. The lawyers may represent the lawyers in civil, criminal, business-related matters, or any other law-related matters. Law firms coordinate in various ways according to the Jurisdiction. Similarly, Dubai-based law firms are no different. Some of the most common arrangements may include:

    What are the Operations of Law Firms in Dubai?

    What are the Operations of Law Firms in Dubai?

    Sole Proprietorship Law Firms

    A sole proprietorship is one such arrangement under which a single attorney is responsible for the law firm. He enjoys all the profits and bears all the losses and liabilities associated with his activities. A general partnership is one of the most common setups which is widely practiced under this, more than one attorney is involved. The members of the partnership share the ownership, the profits, losses, and the liabilities related to the law firm.

    Limited Liability Law Firms

    Limited liability partnerships are the ones under which owners and the attorneys are the partners with each other. However, no partner is liable to pay any debt due to any other partner’s liability or negligence. Under this, they are taxed as per the partnership but enjoy the leverage of limited liability. Under Limited Liability Company, the attorneys and the owners are referred to as the members. They are not directly liable to the third party including paying the creditors of the law firm.

    Law firms operating around the world have different structures that may be complicated. Most of the orthodox law firms in Dubai are organized around multiple partners. They may be joint owners or business directors. The law firms not only contain partner directors and senior partners but also have associates, paralegals, attorneys, and lawyers associated with the legal operation.


    Associates are the employees of the legal firm who have bright chances of becoming future partners. To become a partner the associate needs nearly a decade of experience to become a partner. Whereas the other staff also includes paralegals, clerical, and other supporting staff.

    Becoming a Partner

    Becoming a partner is undoubtedly a prestigious appointment. Conventionally, the partners directly share the profit of the law firm. Although, partners' compensation methods differ largely depending on the different law firms operating in Dubai.  Besides, the partners can largely operate autonomously and thus can cultivate new business and services for the clients.

    There are equity and non-equity partners in the two-tiered partnership model. The equity partners are the ones who have ownership stakes inside the firm. They also share the losses and profits of the law firm. Furthermore, non-equity partners are the ones who receive a fixed salary for their services to law firms. They also enjoy limited voting rights concerning the operations of the law company.

    Services Offered by these Law Firms

    Law Firms in Dubai as well as Law Firms in the United Arab Emirates are, mostly full-service Law Firms. They do offer the services like:

    • UAE Labour Law Services
    • Civil Law Services
    • Criminal Law Services
    • Family Law Services
    • Real Estate Law Services
    • Wills and Estate Law Services 
    • Property Law Services
    • Business Law Services
    • Company Formation Law 
    • Legal Counselling 
    • Retainer ship Services
    • Legal Documentation Services

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