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    Best Free Cloud Storage For Personal Use in India

    In today’s digital era, everything is going to be digitalized with time. In that case, all of our data is stored in the cloud storage of our systems. It also provides security, efficiency, and accessibility to our data online. But the problem is, there are many Best Free Cloud Storage For Personal Use in India, and choosing one from them is a very difficult task.

    Most of our work is done online within a few seconds. We want most of the things to be accessible online, and also our data. These data include our files, our photos, our videos, and also our music.

    So, By going through several best free cloud storage sites, we came here to tell you which best free cloud storage is the cheapest cloud storage in India for personal use?

    Best Free Cloud Storage For Personal Use in India

    Best Free Cloud Storage For Personal Use in India

    Here is the list of some of the best free cloud storage for personal use:

    • The Most Secure Cloud Storage - pCloud
    • Best-Protected Cloud Storage, The Most Trusted - MEGA
    • Best For Collaboration - Dropbox
    • Cloud Storage (depot) For Work & Home - Google Drive 

    Let’s discuss them in brief.

    pCloud - The Most Secure Cloud Storage

    Our First best free cloud storage for personal use in India is pCloud. In pCloud, Firstly you have to sign in for your account and also refer a friend to enjoy a full 10 GB of free storage plan. It is easy to use, carries a user-friendly interface, and also helps in storing, sharing, and protecting your file from hackers and data theft by end-to-end encryption.

    Now pCloud allows its users to where they want to store their data, either in the EU or US. In this, you can also pay a premium of $ 4.99 a month for pCloud crypto to lock ( and unlock ) individual files with passwords. And through the use of the pCloud promo code, you can also make maximum savings on almost all of its plans.

    For knowing if pCloud is best or not, here are some reasons for which, we have to look.

    Reasons For Why You Should Buy It?

    • Firstly, you will get 10 GB of free storage on signup your account in pCloud.
    • It also gives the features of syncing by selective sync and block-level sync.
    • By joining with the Europe server, pCloud is working fast for Indian users which results in saving time for many peoples.
    • You can also edit upload permissions, set passwords, and expiry dates on shared links. You can also check the link statistics.
    • The plan price of pCloud is very low and affordable in comparison to other best free cloud storage providers.
    • It also offers the users which files should be zero-knowledge encrypted.
    • You can also select the data center of your type. Most users have selected Europe as a data center.

    Reasons For Why You Should Avoid It?

    • By using the pCloud Crypto feature and extended file history, you have to pay any additional amount.
    • It doesn’t have any inbuilt feature of file editing. You can only preview it.
    • Its support is good but not yet very good as to its reputation.

    By seeing both aspects of reasons, it seems that pCloud best free cloud storage for personal use in India.

    Best-Protected Cloud Storage, The Most Trusted - MEGA

    Firstly, if you are a new MEGA user, then you will get 20 GB of free storage on a sign-in to your account. It offers reliable storage with fast transfers. In this, your files and chats are end-to-end encrypted. It creates a secure communication by which you can exchange messages, share files, and have audio and video calls that prove that it is the best free cloud storage for personal use in India.

    MEGA also gives additional storage incentives as compared to Dropbox by performing some tasks. It provides you the end-to-end encryption, file syncing, and backup whether you have to take a paid plan or a free plan.

    Reasons For Why You Should Buy It?

    • It offers a fast speed for uploading and downloading files which results in less wastage of time.
    • You will get the selective sync feature only for syncing the specific folder of the cloud.
    • It is the best cloud storage free for security. It does not allow anybody to access your data without your permission with the help of zero-knowledge encryption.
    • It gives its new users free storage of 20 GB on signing up.
    • You can also set the password and expiry date of links. You can upload files without registration.

    These reasons have clearly shown that mega is also one of the best free cloud storage for personal use in India.

    Reasons For Why You Should Avoid It?

    • It imposes a limit on its bandwidth. The meter data transfer for your IP address.
    • It has various servers in Canada, New Zealand, France, and Germany. You can not choose your type of server for using it.
    • In MEGA, all copyrighted content will be removed when it is reported to them.

    The demerits of MEGA are overshadowed by their features in that case. It is also good cloud storage for business users.

    Dropbox -  Best For Collaboration

    It also provides free storage of around 2 GB. You can also get the additional space by completing some tasks like referring a friend and setting up photo sync on a mobile app. It is very easy to use, store, share, and collaborate your files from anywhere and at any time without any kind of difficulty.

    It is also available as the best free cloud storage for personal use in India which makes it cost-efficient cloud storage.

    You can also create, edit, and share cloud content from Google docs, and sheets. It brings your files and content together anywhere and at any time. And also you can easily access and share your work from any device.

    Reasons For Why You Should Use Dropbox?

    • It gives you various types of advanced sync like selective sync, smart sync, and even block-level sync.
    • It performs its functions at a fast speed within no time.
    • In dropbox, you will see the good video playback features.
    • It is also integrated with other services including office 365, and google docs.

    Reasons For Why You Should Avoid It?

    • It does not provide your data with zero-knowledge encryption which reduces the privacy of your data.
    • It does not give qualitative security to its various customers because 68 million passwords were stolen and reported after 2-3 years.
    • It comprises various plans of the higher cost that are not affordable for various people.

    Therefore, dropbox is also the best cloud storage for personal use in India with great features and few disadvantages.

    Cloud Storage For Work & Home - Google Drive

    It is the best free cloud storage for business and googles users. It even presents 15 GB of free storage to its customers. In this, you can store your files, docs, images, recording, designs, videos, and so on. It is easy to store, share and collaborate your files and folders from any device.

    In this, your content is safe, and also private which can never be shared from any ad personalization. The file which is shared with you is proactively scanned and removed when it proved to be spam or ransomware. 

    Google AI and search technology also help you to work faster. Let’s know some reasons which tell it is Google's best free cloud storage for personal use in India.

    Reasons For Why You Should Buy It? 

    • In this, you can rapidly upload and download your file with remarkable speed.
    • You can easily collaborate with your team members on google docs, excel sheets, and more. It also allows you to view and restore the older versions.
    • It also provides good video playback functionality.
    • That also provides the quality sync features by which you can make changes in your documents in a few seconds.
    • It also gives the search algorithm by which you can search queries within the documents which are time-saving.

    Reasons For Why You Should Avoid It?

    • Its privacy policy is not completely flawless. They collect a lot of their user's data.
    • In Google Drive, many bots continuously scan the documents. The document or file which is found to be copyright frightened is automatically removed by it.
    • It also doesn’t provide zero-knowledge encryption to your files. Therefore, there is always an uncertainty of risk.
    • By using it, you can’t set passwords and specify expiry dates on links.

    Google is the best free cloud storage for personal use India is most effective than the other providers. It has also become a First choice cloud storage which is bound by google.


    Choosing the best free cloud storage for India is very difficult in today world’s. In this article, we know about the top cloud storage providers in India with some reasons to buy and some reasons to ignore or avoid. 

    With our deep analysis of various cloud storage providers, we take the four best free cloud storage with their rankings, i.e pCloud, MEGA, Dropbox, Google Drive, and some others also. 

    Many cloud storage providers want to attract their products and make that priority.

    I am not forcing you to buy only these service providers. But before buying it, you should have to get all aspects and knowledge of every cloud storage service provider's features, merits, its demerits, and also which is important for many people is their cost.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Q.1 Which is the best free cloud storage for personal use in India?

    Ans: There is the best cloud-based storage for personal use in India.

    • pCloud
    • MEGA
    • DropBox
    • Google Drive 
    • One Drive etc.

    Q.2 Is Cloud Storage safe for personal use?

    Ans: Yes, Cloud Storage is safe for personal use in comparison to other local storage such as hard drives.

    Q.3 Is the MEGA app safe in India?

    Ans: Yes, the MEGA app is safe in India because of its remarkable features such as end-to-end encryption, free data storage, easily accessible and so many of them.

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