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    5 Tips To Make Travel Much Easier This Summer!

    With the summer holidays just around the corner, we are here with our top tips to make your travel much easier! These are easy changes you can make that will make the run-up to your holiday and your actual holiday all the more relaxing. 

    Tips To Make Travel Much Easier This Summer!

    5 Tips To Make Travel Much Easier This Summer!

    • Keep Hold of Your Plastic Dry Cleaning Bags!

    Our first tip to make packing and unpacking so much easier is to keep hold of your plastic dry cleaning bags. When it comes to packing, you can layer the plastic bags between your clothing to make sure that nothing is damaged. This could be your luxury clothing or particularly delicate clothing, that you want to stay separate from your shoes or toiletries for example. 

    This is such a simple trick that could make life so much easier, as you want to make sure that you are protecting your best clothes, so when you arrive, you can enjoy them without any damage! 

    • Gradually Pack As You Buy Things

    Our next tip is to gradually pack things in the weeks running up to your holiday. When you leave everything to the last minute, it is going to be so much more stressful. So, create a detailed list of everything you need to take, and then as you are buying bits and pieces, simply put them near your suitcase. This will help you to prevent you from overbuying, but it will also make everything much more simple! 

    • Get Yourself A Waterproof Toiletries Bag

    Another thing you should do to prepare is to get yourself a waterproof toiletries bag. The last thing you want is to pack all your toiletries and then for them to leak all over your clothes. Not only will this damage clothes, but it will also leave you short on your toiletries! The last thing you want is to open your suitcase and find all of your clothes are ruined, so you can avoid this with a waterproof toiletries bag. We would also advise that you add one more layer of protection by placing your toiletries bag into a bin bag, just in case! This might seem overly cautious, but you can never be too safe when it comes to packing your suitcase. 

    • Pre-Book Airport Transfers

    Trying to get a taxi or sort a lift the day of or the day before your flight is likely to end in disaster, so as soon as you’ve booked your holiday, try to get your transfers sorted. This might be a private transfer or agree with friends or family in advance and check with them again a couple of weeks before the holiday. 

    Make sure that you give yourself at least 3 hours at the airport if you are checking bags in and half an hour of extra journey time in case there is traffic on the roads. 

    • Take A Portable Charger

    Our last tip is to take a portable charger with you to the airport. With most of our boarding passes and documents now on our phones, having your phone at all times is vital! You could take your charger and hope to find a charger, but they are often few and far between and near impossible to get hold of when things are busy. So, fully charge a portable charger before you leave and make sure your phone is fully charged. With the portable charger, you will have at least another full charge available if you need it! Just make sure you take the right chord.

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