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    Why Do I Need PCR Tests for Traveling?

    The unfortunate reality of 2022 is that we are still amid a very real pandemic. Covid-19 is an extremely infectious virus that affects the respiratory system. While some who contract the disease will have a mild to moderate illness, others will require urgent medical care. Covid-19 is a real risk to people who are immunocompromised or elderly. 

    Why Do I Need PCR Tests for Traveling?

    Covid-19 can spread through particles in the air after someone infected sneezes, coughs, or speaks. To stay safe, stay home when you’re feeling sick or if you were in contact with someone who had Covid. Follow CDC guidelines, get vaccinated, and wear your mask. Observe the link for more details on Covid-19.


    While we’re out of the trenches so to speak and are starting to venture out into the world again, we still need to make sure we’re doing our part to prevent the spread of this contagious illness. That’s why getting tested for the disease when we feel sick or when we travel is so important. 

    A PCR test is one of the best methods of detecting Covid-19. It can pick up even the smallest trace of Covid-19 in the body. It’s a simple test any health care worker or clinic can provide. All that’s involved with a PCR test is a simple swab of the nose to get some germ particles.  

    This method is more reliable than a rapid test, which can’t detect smaller particles of the Covid-19 virus. That’s why getting a PCR test for travel is becoming more and more common. Find out why below. 

    It helps control and monitors the spread of Covid-19

    By testing people for the Covid-19 virus, we can make sure those people don’t infect a wider population pool. This will prevent the spread of Covid-19 by preventing sick people from infecting healthy ones. 

    It will also help the CDC and WHO organization keep track of the number of people infected by the virus. This can teach the CDC and WHO organizations about the spread of the virus so they can track it. 

    Because airlines are requiring it 

    If you’re looking for another reason to get a PCR test before travel, look no further than the fact that it’s a requirement for all international travel. This is because many foreign countries are trying to prevent the spread of infection within their borders. So, if you have a business trip overseas somewhere, you’ll have to bite the bullet and get that PCR test. 

    Like I said above, it’s a totally safe and non-painful test. Once the swab is done, you’ll know within a few days whether or not you’re safe for travel. 

    I do want to note that while PCR tests are only required for international travel at this time, it’s still a good idea to get tested. That way, you know you aren’t spreading the disease to unsuspecting passengers and you won’t get stuck in quarantine while on vacation. I don’t know about you, but the last place I want to get sick with Covid-19 is away from home. 

    You feel Sick

    While you should really be postponing all travel plans when you’re sick, you should still get a PCR test if you plan on proceeding with your plans. Covid has a huge range of symptoms that can resemble a minor cold or a severe respiratory disease. If you feel ill, taking a PCR test will give you peace of mind, and prevent you from spreading a potentially dangerous disease. 

    Signs of the disease will usually seem anywhere from 2 to 14 days behind direction to the disease. These symptoms can be extremely diverse, but I managed to list some of the main symptoms people report when they contract the disease. 

    • Headache
    • Shortness of breath
    • Congestion/runny nose
    • Fever
    • Chills
    • Fatigue
    • Cough
    • Sore throat
    • Nausea/vomiting
    • Body aches
    • Diarrhea
    • Loss of taste
    • Loss of smell

    The severity of these symptoms can range from mild to deadly so please watch yourself closely. The elderly and people with medical conditions are more likely to contract a more dangerous variant. Getting a PCR test for even mild symptoms can help alert you and your healthcare team about the potential worsening of symptoms. It will also keep you from spreading the disease to someone you care about.

    You want to keep people safe

    You want to keep people safe

    The best way to keep someone safe during the pandemic is to get tested when you feel ill or before you plan to visit them. A PCR test will allow you to keep them safe by eliminating the possibility of infectious spread. A PCR is the best method we have of detecting the disease so it’s a good thing to do if you want to keep people safe.

    If you want to learn about other ways to keep people safe from Covid-19. Click here

    Alright, you have me convinced. Where do I get one?

    Getting a PCR test is so much easier than it was during the beginning of the pandemic. You can find a PCR test at any health center or clinic, including the hospital, an urgent care, or your local pharmacy. Your town might even have a pop-up testing center you can travel to get the test. 

    There are a couple of different ways you can schedule your appointment to get a PCR test. 

    You can call your doctor’s office and make an appointment for your PCR test. Be warned, a lot of doctors’ offices are reserving these tests for sick patients. They may not allow you to schedule an appointment because you need one for travel.

    Your next option is to schedule an appointment online at your local test center. These can be your local urgent care as well since many of them provide PCR tests. You’ll have better luck here because many pop-up locations and urgent care don’t require you to have symptoms or be in close contact to be tested. Many of them will give you the test because you need it for traveling purposes. 

    Your local pharmacy should also be able to provide you with a PCR test because you plan to travel as long as there is enough in stock. Check with your pharmacist before to make sure you can come in for the test first.

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