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    Which is the Best CRM for Healthcare Sectors?

    Part of giving the highest quality of services to patients and consumers alike is in having an organized database of patient information and establishing relationships with care seekers. 

    A Sales CRM helps you achieve that.

    CRMs have become widely popular. By 2027 this market is expected to reach $113.46 billion. And it is only fair, CRMs help in gaining major insights that contribute towards seamless regulation of administration, marketing, and outreach efforts. 

    However, with this popularity, comes a lot of options, making it more so difficult to choose a CRM that not only nurtures Customer Relationships but also can manage higher levels of coordination adeptly. 

    As a result, there is a requirement for CRM platforms that are designed specifically to cater to the demand of the healthcare sector, so that the industry enjoys a 360-degree experience of all the data at their fingertips.

    Which is the Best CRM for Healthcare Sectors?

    What is a Healthcare CRM?

    A healthcare CRM is nothing but a patient relationship management software that helps in centralizing and arranging all the important patient-related information such as medical history, prescription data, appointments, patient communication history, and so on. 

    With its help healthcare organizations can also keep track of other contacts namely doctors, referrals, and other medical professionals. 

    Which is the Best Healthcare CRM Software? Check out the list!

    The CRM space is dominated by some of the big names such as Salesforce to niche names like Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) CRM. Let’s have a look at the best CRM software based on scale, niche, and best features. Many of these CRM solutions are renowned as some of the best HIPAA-compliant software. They have been described below:

    Salesforce Health Cloud (Best Overall Healthcare CRM Software)

    Salesforce leads the CRM space across many industries. This platform offers options for healthcare and life sciences with different customizable features for healthcare needs. It provides outreach options for new patients in addition to a 360-degree view of the medical records of patients. It also helps in keeping a proper account of referral parties. Furthermore, healthcare providers can use this platform to interact with patients across different devices for various purposes. This may include appointment reminders and cancellations, along with streamlining payments with insurers. 

    Do you know about the advantages of Salesforce Health Cloud? It can be used for the best results in:

    • Private clinics
    • Hospitals
    • Patient management
    • Patient outreach
    • Payments and insurance
    • Sales and marketing

    Zendesk (Best Healthcare CRM Software for Customer Service)

    Zendesk is renowned as a customer service platform and a general CRM system. Healthcare organizations can take advantage of this platform as it helps maintain good patient experiences. Zendesk provides complete patient information with HER (), medical devices, and appointment histories. With Zendesk Support, it becomes easier to stay in touch with patients. It offers various tools such as SMS and other channels. Healthcare organizations can use Zendesk to avail themselves of various facilities including appointment reminders and follow-ups. It also helps medical professionals to organize their daily tasks that result in high efficiency and improved productivity levels.         

    Are you interested in knowing where can you use Zendesk? It can be seamlessly used in: 

    • Private clinics
    • Patient satisfaction
    • Patient acquisition
    • Patient customer support 
    • Daily tasks

    Onpipeline (Leading Medical CRM Software for Patient Acquisition)

    One of the most significant overall customer relationship management tools, Onpipeline, can be used as a healthcare CRM system. It is dominant in the fields of sales and marketing. Hence, it can be used efficiently for outreach as well as patient acquisition. Its marketing automation tools can help private clinics which are on the lookout for new patients. It also provides the option of setting up marketing automation workflows when messaging new and potential patients. Onpipeline also helps in tracking patient data and medical histories. 

    Users can opt for Onpipeline to attain better outcomes in:

    • Private clinics
    • Patient acquisition
    • Marketing campaigns 
    • Sales management

    Kylas (Leading Healthcare CRM for small or medium scale businesses)

    Kylas is another great Healthcare Sales CRM that is perfect for small-scale sales efforts in the healthcare sector.  

    With unlimited users, work automation, integration capabilities, and intuitive UI, this CRM is best if your sales team is new to the platform. The software offers free on-boarding and training so that every healthcare small business can scale with expertise.

    This CRM can be used for

    • Private Clinics
    • Hospitals
    • Patient management
    • Patient outreach
    • Payments and insurance
    • Sales and marketing

    Leadsqaured (Best HIPAA Compliant CRM Software)

    Leadsquared is a CRM dedicated not only to sales and marketing but also to offering healthcare solutions. This healthcare CRM can be efficiently used in specialty hospitals, along with women’s and children’s hospitals. It helps hospitals to capture leads of potential new patients. Its marketing automation converts leads into potential patients. Using this platform, patient communication can be saved, and it also provides the option of telephone diallers. Do you know? Leadsquared can help hospitals and clinics in creating campaigns and landing pages while delivering patient satisfaction reports.

    Are you planning to opt for Leadsquared? It is best for:

    • Specialty hospitals 
    • Private clinics
    • Marketing automation 
    • Patient satisfaction 

    IMS (Essential CRM tool for EHR management)

    IMS, also known as Intelligent Medical Software, specializes in electronic health records (EHR). Its tools for medical practice management plays an important role in streamlining payers and billing. If hospitals are using IMS, they can follow regulatory compliance with ease. It helps in attaining patient charting and tools, which, in turn, can help in making important clinical decisions. Moreover, IMS also provides you with additional features such as referral management and electronic prescriptions.       

    Key players of the healthcare industry can utilize IMS. These include the following:

    Private clinics

    • Hospitals
    • Referral management
    • Electronic health records 
    • Practice management 

    OperaDDS (Prominent CRM software for dentists)

    OperaDDS is a communication tool, which is popular among dentists. Its additional features are also beneficial for general healthcare CRM. This CRM is mainly used for paper forms and helps in keeping all patient information very secure. Healthcare organizations can avail of patient reminder tools, which can be used in emails, SMSs, and other messaging channels. It also helps the users to maintain their clinic’s social media reviews, while keeping the good reviews at the top.     

    OperaDDS can help in attaining better results for:

    • Dental clinics
    • Reminders and follow-ups
    • Paperless forms
    • Secure e-mail
    • Reputation management

    A healthcare CRM is of incredible use, no matter if it is a hospital, a chain of clinics, or a small independent medical clinic. It is important to provide excellent experiences to every patient so that the relationship strengthens, and they keep coming back for better services. Additionally, when it comes to capturing leads and new potential patients, a healthcare CRM can bear wonderful results.

    We hope that the exhaustive list of excellent healthcare CRMs provided above helps you go for the best option. By referring to this list, you can take your healthcare organization to newer heights and attain tremendous results.

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