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    Skills Needed By A Marketing Executive

    A marketing executive is a high-profile professional in the marketing department, who can bring together all the different units of a marketing strategy for the greater benefit of the organization. Marketing management is an organizational field that focuses on the creative application of marketing methodology, techniques, and strategies in organizations and enterprises and on the improvement of a company's marketing capacity and capabilities. Marketing executives are involved in the planning, development, management, and execution of marketing programs, strategies, and projects.

    Skills Needed By A Marketing Executive

    Skills Needed By A Marketing Executive

    Different Types of Marketing Executives

    Some marketing executives are involved in planning, developing, and executing marketing campaigns while others are involved in the planning, development, and implementation of advertising and promotional campaigns. A marketing executive may also be involved in the determination of the financial rewards associated with a particular marketing program or project. They may need to decide when it is feasible to buy YouTube subscribers and when to focus on more traditional marketing strategies. Marketing executives must therefore have sound business skills and also have strong leadership skills. There are a variety of tests and examinations that marketing executives may take to gauge their suitability as managers and to evaluate their ability to implement and manage marketing programs effectively.

    The Role of A Marketing Executive

    The marketing executive is usually a manager or senior-level leader in a small to medium size organization. This individual can motivate and inspire his/her team by communicating a clear vision and providing a clear direction. Marketing executives may need to work with a wide range of people including finance, sales, human resources, marketing, strategic planning, production, and system designers. These marketing executives have to be able to think outside the box when it comes to coming up with innovative ideas. They have to be able to understand and analyze the behavior of customers and competitors and use their analytical skills to find ways to target customers who buy the product or services that the company offers.

    Educational Prerequisites

    Some of the areas in which marketing executives may study include advertising and promotional activities, market research, social media marketing, and consumer behavior and product knowledge. Marketing executives will also need to be familiar with internal controls at the company, such as inventory control, accounts receivable and accounts payable, budgeting and internal purchasing, as well as payroll and labor policies and practices. Most marketing executives complete a related field or business administration degree. Other degree programs offered at community colleges or trade schools include marketing management, brand development, and consumer behavior, among others. A marketing associate or marketing technologist who wishes to advance his/her career to marketing managers may choose to earn a bachelor's degree in marketing at an accredited university or college.


    One important aspect in which many marketing executives differ is in their outlook on salaries. While most employees are pleased with their salaries, some marketing executives prefer to be paid more. The key factor in determining salary levels for marketing executives is the company's performance in terms of revenue and profits. Marketers are charged with developing marketing campaigns, implementing strategies, monitoring results, and evaluating the effectiveness of these strategies. In addition, some marketing managers may be asked to run marketing campaigns, manage customer relationships, or create marketing campaigns that include media exposure.

    Skills that are Essential for Success

    Communication skills are a must for marketing executives because they are expected to communicate with and manage a wide variety of people, including top customers, other marketing executives, and even competitors. For example, of all the marketing tips creating a strong brand is one of the most important. If a marketing executive cannot bring the entire team on the same page for consistent branding messages, branding can be considered a failure. 

    In addition to communicating their message, marketing executives must also communicate well with their staff. Good communication skills include effective listening, providing feedback, handling criticism and complaints, and building relationships. Marketing professionals need to effectively communicate with others to improve the quality of products and services offered by the company.

    Some of the most competitive marketing jobs available require marketing executives to work for smaller companies that don't necessarily employ marketers full-time. As a result, some marketing executives may work as part-time independent agents for larger agencies while pursuing their own marketing careers. The Internet has increased the number of marketing jobs available both online and off. While positions in the Internet marketing industry tend to be less formal than positions in traditional marketing, Internet marketing executive positions often require some marketing experience, such as working in print, radio, and television. These positions can be rewarding for those who have a background in one or more of the many marketing areas.

    Who Can Succeed at Marketing

    Those individuals who possess a combination of analytical and communicative skills are an asset to any marketing executive's team. The ability to analyze and interpret social media data are crucial to understanding consumer buying trends and purchasing habits. Marketers need to be able to evaluate these trends in order to create accurate marketing materials, as well as efficient advertising campaigns. Marketing executives must also be skilled at persuasive writing and persuasive communication in order to effectively promote a product or service.

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