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    Calgary Recruitment: Finding Your Ideal Recruiting Agency

    Nowadays, an increasing number of businesses choose to hire recruiting agencies instead of in-house hiring expertise. They make such a decision in an attempt to save time, improve the quality of hires, and add security regarding hire retention. 

    Companies are suggested to define their hiring needs to ease the process of finding the ideal recruiters. The fees, expertise, experience, and type of agency all have an influence on the decision-making journey. 

    The following useful tips will lead you to the best recruiting firm in Calgary. 

    Calgary Recruitment: Finding Your Ideal Recruiting Agency

    Calgary Recruitment: Finding Your Ideal Recruiting Agency

    • Choose a Type

    The inceptive step towards finding your ideal recruiting agency in Calgary is choosing the right type. There are three main types to choose from, general, staffing, and executive. General recruiting agencies place the focus on a specific industry, such as hospitality, retail, healthcare, or finance. Their services are suitable for filling entry and middle-level positions. See this site to check out the top twenty types of industries. 

    In contrast, staffing recruiting agencies focus on finding temporary employees. Consequently, their services are usually requested by companies looking for seasonal workers or requesting assistance on a temporary project. Also, many firms hire such services when needing to cover a sick leave of a full-time worker or one whose parental leave is extended. 

    Executive recruiting agencies, as the name implies, deal with executive recruitment. Companies hire such services when they need to fill top-level, otherwise called C-level positions.

    • Define Your Needs

    After considering the main types of recruiting firms, the next step is defining your hiring needs. Businesses should decide whether they’ll be hiring just a single employee, a few, or many workers. They should also consider the required position, whether it’s permanent or temporary. 

    When searching for the ideal recruiting agency in Calgary, companies need to specify whether they need employees with niche skills or general skills. Additionally, you’ll be required to specify all details related to the position in order for agencies to hunt the right candidates. This page, https://www.wikihow.com/Write-an-Effective-Job-Description, explains how to write an effective job description. 

    Define Your Needs

    • Consider Affordability

    The next action to take when hiring the ideal recruiting firm is to check affordability. There is no point in finding the perfect firm, if you cannot afford its services. Most agencies have general pricing information posted on their websites. Nevertheless, for more specific details, you would have to contact them over the phone. Once you get in touch, ask about their services, price, and terms. 

    Most employers are curious about the cost of recruitment services, which vary across agencies. In general, the fees depend on multiple factors, such as the number of employees you plan to hire, the industry, the position, the salary, and the type of hire. 

    Most firms calculate their fees like a percentage of an employee’s annual salary. Their fees mainly range between fifteen and twenty-five percent. Nevertheless, as far as senior positions are concerned, these fees can go up to a staggering fifty percent. The same goes for the fees they charge for hard-to-fill job positions. 

    • Schedule Interviews

    Although recruiting agencies are those in charge of doing the interviews, you should invite them to an interview as well. It’s the best way to learn about the company by asking a series of questions related to the experience, current engagements, and the process of screening. Additionally, you should ask how long it usually takes for them to find the right talent. The answers to these questions reveal if the professionals are capable of meeting your recruiting needs. 

    • Consider the Expertise

    Once you have narrowed down the list of recruiting agencies in Calgary, the final step is to click here and check their expertise. This step is best performed by comparing the quality of the competitors through research. You should concentrate on their guarantee period and terms of work. 

    Moreover, you should find and study their lists of clients. There is an extensive range of Toronto recruitment agencies assisting businesses in overcoming recruitment challenges. Make sure they have a solid social media presence and memberships in relevant professional associations. Another way to check their status is by looking at review sites.

    Final Thoughts

    Why hire in-house expertise when you can outsource professional recruiters at any time?

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