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    Top 7 Ways the Latest Technology Can Be Helpful in Ghost Hunting

    Ghost hunting is fun. Whether you're a believer of the supernatural or doing it for the thrill, it is fascinating. What makes ghost hunting even more phenomenal is when you have the right equipment for it. We have seen how people have used boards like the ouija to contact ghosts. We have also seen how mainstream media relies on old-school techniques to capture a ghost. But you don't need to rely on folly tricks or urban legends.

    You have the technology now. Technology brings you modern equipment and sets that you can both use and collect. If you're a ghost enthusiast, this equipment is worth the investment. So before you take off on your ghost hunting journey. Here's what you need.

    Top 7 Ways the Latest Technology Can Be Helpful in Ghost Hunting

    Top 7 Ways the Latest Technology Can Be Helpful in Ghost Hunting

    1.  EM Detector to Pick Sounds

    EM refers to the electromagnetic field. The field has several frequencies that make up the electromagnetic spectrum. We can't hear or feel these fields, so we need an EM detector. Supernatural beings operate at a particular frequency. Through the EM detector, you can pick up on their activity in the form of audio signals. So, all you need to do is plant these devices around the area you want to explore. You start picking up audio tones and follow them. Areas, where you're getting high readings are your best bet.

    2.  Infrared Night Vision Light to See in the Dark

    The best time to go ghost hunting is night. However, our eyes can't see in the dark. Regular torches don't work well when the atmosphere is pitch black. So you need an IR light. You can find gadgets like this around your area or from any online store. For instance, if you are in the UK, you can visit online stores like spiritshack to find equipment like this for ghost-hunting. IR night visions can see invisible infrared wavelengths, helping you see in the dark. You can also detect if you see a shadow moving. Most night vision lights also have filters on them, so the sight before you is extremely clear.

    3.  Infrared Thermometer to Pick Temperatures

    Supernatural Beings cannot get detected by the naked eye. You need a device to pick up the drop in temperatures and inform you about a ghost presence. Infrared thermometers are very common in use. It tells you if a person is present using their temperature. So if you run the thermometer around the room that you're exploring, you can pick on the change of temperature. Isolated rooms are often cold. While you suspect a ghostly presence around you, the thermometer can confirm your doubts.

    4.  Use a Black Light to Debunk Hoaxes

    If you watch crime shows, you must have some awareness of black lights. These lights can pick up UV rays. So if you watch the police scanning the scene, they can pick up stains such as urine and semen. The purpose of using black light while ghost hunting is to expose hoax devices. While there are ghost-hunting enthusiasts, there are also people who play pranks. You wouldn't want to get ripped off or fooled by someone looking to make an easy buck off you. So before you start the ghost hunting process, scan the area. See if the scene is already planted. You can see holograms and even fishing lines connected to traps. Don't let someone mess up your experience.

    5.  Walkie Talkie to Stay in Touch

    While you're ghost hunting, you want to stay in contact with your team or friends. Cell Phones usually don't run in remote areas. You can also have trouble connecting with cellular services. You should never have one method of communication when you're ghost hunting—your safety matters. Learn the stations for important helplines such as the police and hospital and practice their channels. Walkie-talkies also work long-range, so you can always contact them if you get divided from your team. You don't want to get stranded or miss a location with peak activity so make sure you purchase one.

    6.  EVP to Listen

    Electronic Voice Phenomena pick up noises that supernatural beings make. So while you're going around and exploring, all you need to do is hit the record button. The device will record all the noises in the area as you carry out your investigation. When you feel you have completed your search, you playback the device. The noises these devices pick up to inform you about a presence. There are sounds like knocking, groaning, and even growls. If a being is trying to reach out to you, they may even try whispering a name. Since supernatural beings don't leave behind coherent sentences, these sounds are essential. They can inform you if there is activity happening and whether you need to take precautions. Sometimes the sounds may be too consistent and warn you never to revisit.

    7.  Anemometer for Mapping

    If you go ghost hunting, the vicinity is quite vast. It would help if you mapped out the area you're visiting. Mapping keeps you safe and enables you to pin down areas of peak activity. You can also use the mapping process to document ghost hunting patterns. The best tool for mapping ghost activity is through an anemometer. The device picks up the airflow meter and wind speed. You can track the current flow of the room and calculate the air movement. If you feel the current, you can also map out a mental compass. Generally, the wind blows from east to west, which can give you some idea of what direction you're moving.

    Why are People Curious about the Supernatural?

    There are many reasons why people are curious about the supernatural. Some seek them out of fear, and some people have a natural-born curiosity. Here are some reasons why ghost hunting may beckon you.

    ●  A Form of Closure:

    There is so much about the world we don't know. No one likes uncertainty and insecurity. If there is even a chance you can find life outside of living creatures, it can give you closure. You may start accepting the idea that humans are not isolated beings in the world.

    ●  Educational Reasons:

    There is no one stopping you from making ghost hunting into a proper course. Since there is not much research available on ghost hunting, it is not taken seriously. You can give the idea a good structure and form and make it into a course. That can help people understand the supernatural world better and even how to prevent supernatural activities from happening. Even if you're unable to capture supernatural entities, you can always guide people on the equipment.

    ●  Conquer Fear:

    People want to conquer fear. There are numerous phobias in the world, and one of them is Phasmophobia. Going on a supernatural hunting adventure may dim their fear and open up life to new possibilities.

    Wrap up

    If you're into ghost hunting, there is so much you can do. Technology has brought many advancements, even in ghost hunting. Now you can hunt in the dark and even avoid stepping into a hoax. You can even detect their presence and try to make contact with them. If you're trying to interpret what they're saying, you can even pick up on their noise. Ghost hunting is no longer amateur play. The equipment you purchase can make the whole experience both adventurous and thrilling. So no matter what your reasons are for ghost hunting, make sure you act on them.

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