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    Tips For Small Businesses Looking to Leverage The Power of YouTube Marketing

    In the present world, digital intervention has affected all spheres of life and increased competition. Thanks to the internet, people now know of products and services from different parts of the world and can avail the same. This increases the business competition, and small businesses need to have a strong digital marketing strategy to survive.

    While digital marketing is a diverse field with immense scope of growth, in today’s world, video is the most preferred type of content for the average customer. Since a video is much more holistic, people get a much better idea of a product by watching its video as compared to reading about it or seeing an image. The fact that smartphones and internet access is more easily available than ever bore further supports this trend. In such a situation, small businesses need to direct their efforts in coming up with engaging video content that will attract customers.

    In the journey of video content, YouTube has been one of the forerunners and has steadily expanded its reach over the years. Today, having a good YouTube marketing strategy can single-handedly change the face of a business. In this article, we will throw light on some of the tips that small businesses can incorporate to aid their marketing plans.

    Leverage The Power of YouTube Marketing

    Tips For Small Businesses Looking to Leverage The Power of YouTube Marketing

    Have a Schedule

    With YouTube being the most popular video platform, hundreds of hours’ worth of videos are uploaded every day. The easiest way to improve your reach and survive this tough competition is to post regularly. A look at the most successful YouTubers will reveal that all of them have a strict6 publishing schedule, and they adhere to it.

    Having a long gap between subsequent videos will cause your subscribers to forget about your brand’s existence, and that will undo all the hard work that you had invested in digital marketing. For a small business, it is important to sit back and realistically analyze how often you can commit to coming up with a video and create a schedule. 

    Try to release the videos in the evenings or the weekend so that they are more likely to appear when your potential viewers are browsing YouTube.

    Choose your preferred slideshow maker for YouTube videos while creating such videos. We recommend using InVideo, as we found their templates available really attention-grabbing. Set out on your video making journey only when you are deciding on which tool to use and make sure you stick to the schedule that you decided upon.

    Types of Videos to Publish

    Having decided that you will use YouTube for marketing and agreed upon a schedule, the next step is figuring out the type of content that you will post. Although the type of video will depend on your business and personal choice, having diverse video content will attract a wider audience while ensuring that your existing customers keep coming to you for more. Here are some types of video content that you can explore.

    • Listicles

    Content like “Top 10 things to Keep in Mind While…” are examples of listicles. These are informative and help your target group understand your business niche and are a popular form of video content.

    • DIY Videos

    How-to videos are an excellent choice for businesses that sell products that need to be assembled by the customer. What seems simple to you may not be for your customers, and having detailed DIY videos will make things easier for them. This will get them to choose you over the competition when making the next similar purchase.

    • Product Videos

    If you are launching a new product or service, having a video that highlights the updates, salient features, and unique offerings is more likely to be watched than a blog talking about the same.

    • Interviews

    Interviewing industry experts and influencers is an efficient way of increasing your reach. While this will walk your viewers through industry-relevant knowledge that they are unaware of, it does have other advantages as well. Here, the expert you interview is likely to share the video, and most such experts have a food fan following of their own. That way, you increase your brand’s visibility and drive better traffic to your YouTube channel.

    Optimize Your Video

    Invest your efforts in identifying keywords that are relevant to the content of your video and incorporate them in your video’s title, headlines, and description. That way, when a potential customer types the same word in their YouTube search, your video will appear at the top of their searches. 

    Research on tags and add them to your channel description as well as video description. Come up with a compelling thumbnail image that helps viewers form a first impression on your video and decide whether they want to watch further.

    Another tip in this regard is the use of a video transcript. This helps viewers with hearing challenges or those that are not well versed in the language of the video and need to look up the spelling of a particular word used in the video. From an optimization perspective, this helps make the video more scrapable by search engines and thereby increases the reach of the video.

    Manage Your YouTube Channel

    Understand that merely posting YouTube videos on your channel will not suffice, and you need to walk the extra mile and manage the overall channel look. Start by introducing outros to all your videos wherein you put forth the CTA. Look up online and use the outro maker such as this one here, which is the most convenient for you.

    Try to use a monitoring tool to find out engagement opportunities by identifying mentions of your brand across the platform. On your YouTube channel’s main page, you will find the ‘Community’ tab. Use this to post images and polls asking for feedback on your videos, topic suggestions for upcoming videos, and other engaging questions. Also, make it a practice to check comments on your videos and reply to them in a prompt manner, irrespective of whether they are positive or negative.

    Video provides the content of value to your target group, and that establishes a brand familiarity for you. Realize that if you are successful in giving valuable content to the viewer, you will lay the foundations of a good business relationship and boost the sales of your firm.

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