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    Homemade Health Mix Powder for Toddlers

    Babies need to be given all sorts of nutrition so that it helps them to build a strong immune system. Health mix powders are the best way to give all the nutrition your baby needs. They also boost stamina and give good energy to toddlers.

    Health mix powder for babies? Parents generally prefer homemade items for their babies rather than outside food. With homemade food, they can make what exactly they want according to their child’s needs. They tweak actual recipes to make the best suitable for their baby. For example, if your baby doesn’t like or is allergic to any of the ingredients we have mentioned below, you can avoid it and replace it with a similar ingredient that is as healthy as that is.

    Homemade Health Mix Powder for Toddlers

    Homemade Health Mix Powder for Toddlers

    Here’s how you can make fresh and tasty health mix powders for toddlers.

    If you are looking at weight gain, in particular, you must definitely try this out.

    Include pulses and dry fruits in the health mix powder. As they are rich in protein, minerals, and vitamins, they will help you increase weight as they are all easily absorbed by the body. Pulses also strengthen bones giving your baby a good bone weight. A protein-rich food is a must if your baby is underweight.

    Use a variety of dhal, pulses, and dry fruits. The more the variety, the more it is healthier.

    • In dhal you take Urud, Chana, Moong, Masoor.
    • In dry fruits, you can include Almonds, Cashews, Walnuts, and anything more of your choice. You can also add Elaichi for a pleasant fragrance and taste.
    • In pulses, you can take ragi, rice, sago/sabudana, chickpea, green gram, horse gram, black gram, brown gram.
    • You can add peanuts too.

    Ragi rice for baby? Ragi powder for babies? You can have the main ingredient as ragi or wheat or rice. You can take 1 cup of that, and the remaining ingredients will be half a cup. And for spices with strong fragrances like elaichi or cardamom, it can be taken according to your preference. Generally, for the measurement that I have mentioned, you can take 6-8 pods.

    You can also use barley, oats, sesame seeds, and soy flour to make the health mix powder.

    All the above-mentioned ingredients are rich in proteins, minerals, and calcium and are the best food for developing babies. Your baby might initially not like it and end up spitting it or not taking food at all. If you keep giving it irrespective of that, they will start eating it. You can add fruits or make porridge out of the health mix powder and then feed. 

    To make homemade porridge for babies, 

    • Take the required amount of powder in a pan and add a spoon of ghee. 
    • To that mixture, add either milk or water and let it thicken according to the consistency you prefer. 
    • You can add sugar to sweeten it. It is recommended you add jaggery as sugar is highly processed.

    The method:

    The method to make health mix powder is similar even if you change the items. 

    • Wash all the items thoroughly and sundry all of them. 
    • Dry roast all of them separately and cool them. 
    • Let them come to room temperature. 
    • Then, grind them all to make the healthiest homemade health mix powder.

    A few people let the ingredients sprout. It is more a healthy option; however, it takes time for this process. 

    • For the ingredients to sprout, wash and soak them for 8 to 10 hours. 
    • Then you can either put them in a cotton cloth and tie it a bit loose or keep it in a container with a little opening. You can do either of it but ensure there is air going in. You will have to stir them or take them every 2 to three hours until they sprout. 
    • Once it does, you may rewash them and sundry it. 
    • Then it is the same process of roasting it separately, grind it, and then mix it all together.

    Yes, we heard your question. Why should we dry roast all the ingredients separately? 

    All these ingredients are of varied types and sizes. They all don’t take the same time to roast. The same goes for grinding too. It takes a different time for every item to get the powdered texture.

    Store the powder in an airtight container and use it whenever you need it. If you have made a lot of powder at once, then store in the fridge. You can use it for up to six months.

    Parents don’t really trust packed and processed food. However, it is suggested that parents can go for organic products. Organic products go through various levels of testing. Many parents who want the best for their baby opt for organic foods and organic clothes. As they don’t have any chemicals infused in them, they are safe for babies.

    We hope this blog helped you understand the benefits of homemade health mix powder for toddlers and how to make them.

    Author bio: I am Andrea Micheal, a renowned counselor in Australia. I am also working for Tiny Twig, an organic clothing brand. I believe mental health is as important as physical health, and there has to be more awareness. My blogs are from my personal experiences and encounters that will help people understand mental health, and it's aspects better.

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