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    Face Covering Mask Bandana - Guide 2020

    We love engaging in outdoor activities for fitness. Maintaining a strenuous fitness regime is a pet passion of mine. Although the global lock-down put our outdoor excursions on a halt, now that it’s lifted, we leave our house for the reasons mentioned with the custom-made mask intact.

    Face Covering Mask Bandana

    Face Covering Mask Bandana - Guide 2020

    • Optimum Protection

    With the continuous threat of Corona looming above, face masks aren’t going anywhere. Now that the lockdown has relaxed, crowds of people are gushing out in the streets, faces covered with scarves, surgical masks, and fabric coverings. The face masks are ideal for ensuring safe interactions with friends, family, and the public.

    Winters are inching close, but you need not worry. These masks can easily battle against the cold wind to protect your nose from freezing over. The air that enters your lungs is warm and has the necessary moisture to ease breathing. Cold air tends to constrict the airways making breathing extremely difficult even if your lungs are healthy. Now, your lungs are taken care of thanks to these comfortable masks. 

    • Quality Breathing

    As already mentioned, we prefer going out for our morning runs instead of using a treadmill within the four walls of a gym. we noticed that running with a surgical face mask on felt challenging. Since we have switched over to wearing these polyester masks, we enjoy our morning sprints without getting exhausted quickly due to a lack of sufficient oxygen intake. These premium-quality masks are feathery-soft, double-layered, and breathable. They are specifically designed to provide maximum comfort. Never have we felt suffocated or confined even on the hottest of days. Humid, dry, or hot; these face masks adapt to the changing weather so well that our lungs’ functionality is never compromised!

    • Most Effective Fabric 

    These masks are unique because they contain three (replaceable) filters to prevent pollen grains, infectious particles, and pollutants from entering your lungs and causing irritation. Suppose you are allergic to dust or any of the particles already mentioned. In that case, you should wear these face masks as a significant barrier. It isn’t just for avoiding COVID; asthmatic patients, people fighting infectious respiratory diseases, and those suffering from flu even can wear these and protect those around them.

    • Individually Stylish

    We love the exciting concept of printed face masks. Contrary to bland, pale surgical face masks, the fabric masks are vivid, vibrant, and full of life. You can have the design printed on your covers to make them undeniably modish and a favorite product. 

    A Final Word

    Our regained freedom demands us to be responsible, so make sure you wear masks. With these high-quality face masks available at extremely affordable wholesale rates, there is no excuse to avoid wearing one. If you feel suffocated in a surgical face covering, these cotton fabric face masks are your best friend throughout the COVID phase. The product guarantees security and liberty at the same time. 

    For an outdoorsy, nothing can be more disheartening than being all locked-up. One bleak COVID-induced day, we received a beautifully packaged box from 4inbandana enclosing silky soft and cottony printed face masks. They wanted us to try out their product and provide an honest review. 

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