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    Why You Should Consider Investing In A Real Estate At Tagaytay

    Purchasing a home is probably one of the biggest and most significant investments a person could make in his entire life. So it’s only safe to say that choosing the best option that caters to one’s needs is a crucial step.

    The real estate sector in the Philippines has continuously thrived over time. In the past years, several regions, cities, and provinces in the country have significantly developed real estate-wise. In fact, one of the most prominent real estate hubs is located down south of Manila.

    Termed as the Second Summer Capital of the Philippines is Tagaytay City, a small town in the province of Cavite. Tagaytay is known for its year-round cold weather. It’s often likened to that of Baguio since Tagaytay is also situated high up on mountain ridges. Through the years, Tagaytay has become a popular and favorite tourist destination, mainly because of its close proximity to Manila.

    But more than it being a tourist destination, Tagaytay is also one of the top choices among locals and foreigners alike for when it’s time to settle down, live in a countryside home, and spend more time with family. After years of hard work, don’t you want to spend your hard-earned money on something that brings back value and makes you feel nothing less than comfortable?

    Why You Should Consider Investing In A Real Estate At Tagaytay

    Looking for that perfect home? Here’s why you should consider investing in a real estate at Tagaytay:

    Close Proximity To Manila:

    As mentioned, Tagaytay is still very close to Manila. In fact, it only takes about an hour to an hour and a half of drive to get here. Tagaytay is considered a province, but you wouldn’t really feel that at all because it’s still very accessible if you’re coming from the city center. Traveling to the metro on a regular basis would definitely be no sweat. Transport hubs are also closely located, which means you get to conveniently take the bus, a van, or a shuttle when traveling to and from Manila.

    Fresh Air:

    One of the main reasons people invest in Tagaytay is its fresh air. Unlike Manila, Tagaytay gives off this clean, cool breeze all year round. After all, people wouldn’t spend as much time “relaxing” in real estate properties if they’re only always wheezing because of pollution.

    Your Tagaytay home can easily be the most re-energizing way to relax and unwind for the rest of your life! More than the year-round cold climate, Tagaytay is also filled with trees, which help residents breathe fresher air every day. In turn, this also helps people with health concerns like asthma.

    Picture-Perfect Sceneries:

    Tagaytay wouldn’t be acknowledged as one of the top tourist destinations in the Philippines if not for its scenic views of nature. A lot of Tagaytay lots are situated on top of mountain ridges, perfectly elevated to give off stunning and majestic views of nature at every turn. There’s Taal Volcano and Lake on one side, lush greeneries on the other, while also overlooking parts of Laguna de Bay and Mt. Makiling. 

    This will absolutely eliminate all the stress in your body and help calm your mind. Can you even imagine waking up to this every single day?

    Affordable Cost Of Living

    Tagaytay is part of Metro Tagaytay. This is a cluster of the different local government units recognized as the Tourism Haven and Food Basket of Cavite. With that, it’s safe to say that the city has enough (and maybe even more) supply of fresh yet cheap produce from nearby LGUs.

    You can drop by the public market of Indang and see for yourself. Other than that, there’s also Mahogany Market, where you can purchase fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, and poultry at a very affordable price. Other basic necessities for your Tagaytay home can also be found within the city. Not to mention, they are just as affordable. So if you thought Metro Manila’s cost of living was low enough, then you obviously need to go to Tagaytay!

    Cold Climate:

    As previously mentioned, Tagaytay is undeniably famous for its year-round cold climate. Most locals are probably tired of the same old sunny weather in Manila. So Tagaytay is definitely a breather.

    The entire city lies at about 610 meters above sea level, resulting in irresistible cool weather. The temperature may get a lot warmer during the summer, but nevertheless, you still get to enjoy your cold summer evenings and early mornings. Which also means you can spend less on air-condition bills around your home!

    Close Proximity To Leisure Locations:

    Tagaytay is undoubtedly a perfect leisure location. This is the exact same reason why it has become a favorite family weekend getaway spot for most locals and foreigners. Just within proximity are amusement parks, picnic spots, restaurants, and many more.

    Sky Ranch is the city’s most famous amusement park. Spend an afternoon triggering an adrenaline rush as you ride through rollercoasters and ferris wheels, among many others. The place is also known to give off a nice view of the Tagaytay sunset. My suggestion? Ride the Sky Eye just right on time for the sunset so you get the best views.

    Aside from amusement parks, Tagaytay is also known for its delectable meals served in various restaurants. There’s Tagaytay bulalo which you can get from a handful of restaurants, but the most famous one can be found down Mahogany Market. Do you have a sweet tooth? Tagaytay is also the best place to be as it has a couple of restaurants that serve hot chocolate, churros, pancakes and waffles, donuts, and so much more.

    Other leisure locations include Picnic Grove, where you can spend an afternoon picnic or ride the zip line and cable cars, People’s Park In The Sky, where you get the best views of the entire city, and Tagaytay Highlands, where you can play golf and unleash the inner Tiger Woods in you.

    Urbanized and Commercialized:

    Though located in the province, Tagaytay is now developing. In fact, it is now considered an urbanized and commercialized portion of Cavite because of the number of commercial buildings available, whether for leisure or business.

    Shopping malls are all over the place, churches, gasoline stations, schools and universities, just to name a few. You wouldn’t have to keep worrying whether or not you can still live the life you had in Manila. If anything, Tagaytay living is actually better.

    Career Opportunities:

    Want to live in Tagaytay but afraid you might be risking a big part of your career? Don’t worry because Tagaytay has dramatically developed over the last few years, which means career opportunities are all over the place. The number of BPO companies, IT parks and buildings, and multinational corporations only keep growing and developing along with the province. This only means a lot of career opportunities and job openings for both current and future residents of Cavite.

    Lesser Crowds, Less Traffic:

    Since Cavite has a lesser population than that of Manila, then this also means less crowd. If you’re someone who wants peace and quiet, then this is the best place to invest in real estate. Even Tagaytay’s most famous tourist spots are not as congested as those in Manila.

    With lesser crowds also come less traffic. We all know Manila traffic is the worst, and it takes so much of your time. Here at Tagaytay, there are fewer vehicles, which means traffic jams are less likely to occur. Thanks to the cold climate, it has also become ideal for most residents to ride a bike or walk when going from one point to another.

    Wrapping Up:

    Deciding whether or not to reside in Tagaytay for long term purposes can be a significant move. This may need a lot of adjustments, especially if you’re used to living in Metro Manila. However, it’s also a smart investment because not only are you investing in a physical home but comfortability as well. And who knows, real estate values in Tagaytay may soar in the next 5 to 10 years, which is what makes it an excellent investment in the first place.

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