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    Best Ayurvedic Treatment For Clear Skin

    No one likes a blemish or acne over the face or anywhere on the skin. Some people lose their self confidence and feel embarrassed on having any scar or spot over their skin specifically on the face. Ayurvedic treatment for face suggests you some natural ways and means by which you can get a naturally glowing skin.

    Ayurveda says that the secret for your glowing skin lies in the foods that you eat. Moreover, people do not like to experiment with their face issues with any medications from the allopathic world rather prefer going natural and thus choose Ayurveda for the same.

    One of the major and popular studies motivates and puts stress on eating a rainbow! Wait, this is not the real rainbow! It means you should include the colors of rainbow in your food. Let us make it a bit clearer to you.

    So, you shall include foods like carrot, green leafy veggies, sweet potatoes, bananas etc. in your diet.
    Now, let us get into the detail as to what you should eat and what not.

    Best Ayurvedic Treatment For Clear Skin

    Start eating red and yellow bell peppers:

    Your body converts the chemical present in these peppers into Vitamin A. Not only this, red and yellow bell peppers are also rich in Vitamin C and help to keep your skin firm and tight. 
    It has been found out that if you consume Vitamin C in a plenty quantity then your skin does not get wrinkled early.

    Broccoli helps you to protect your skin from developing skin cancer and from sunburns too. 

    Red wine. Well, the girls know it well that red wine is one of the best sources for having an extra glow over your skin. There are many families that make the bride drink red wine in small amounts right before her marriage for few days just to add that extra glow onto her skin. The antioxidants which are found in red wine help in protecting the skin from ageing.

    Turmeric the beauty guide in every Indian household. There are a lot of face masks, face packs which include turmeric. It helps in removal of scars and can also help in curing the dark pigmentations over your skin. Turmeric is considered to be one of the best Ayurvedic treatment for clear skin.

    Papaya. Women especially go in for Papaya scrubs, face masks, face washes because papaya helps in the removal of blemishes and helps in the cleansing of the skin.

    Green tea does not help in preventing you from Cancer but also adds an extra glow to your skin.

    Well, apart from the foods which are suggested for a healthy skin, there are certain substances which shall be avoided if you want a clear skin. The following are the things one must avoid to get a glowing skin:

    Liquor. Do you know that alcohol releases cortisol, stress hormones and even contain higher amounts of sugar? A point to be added herein is that, alcohol is seen as an age accelerator. So, stop the consumption of alcohol as soon as possible.

    Stop eating excess sugars:

    You can also term it as refined carbs. Where are these refined carbs found? They are found in food stuffs like frizzy drinks, breads, pasta etc. these foods contain high amount of sugar and an excess in sugar intake damages the cells of the skin. Instead of consuming packaged food or artificial sugar, it is always suggested to take natural sugar which is found in fruits.

    If you are the one who is also fond of cakes, pastries, readymade meals then you shall drop the idea of getting a healthy and a glowing skin. These are a source of bad fats in your body. There are also saturated fats which are found in red meats and shall also be stopped over. Why do the skin specialists give them a big no? The reason being that, they lead to a slower circulation of blood which results in reduced blood flow to your skin.

    The skin care package by Divya Upchar contains organic compounds like: Neem, Chandan, Daruharidra, Ashwagandha, etc. and various other herbs which are responsible for a healthy skin.

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