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    Optimize the Performance of Your Business with Customer Video Testimonials

    Do you know what a video testimonial is? An experience of your service, product, or brand shared by an existing or former customer through a video clip. Customer video testimonials can be used on product, landing, core, and about pages to build confidence and trust in your service or product. For one-on-one scenarios of sales, video testimonials prove to be great assets.

    Why and Where Should You Invest in Video Testimonials?

    Testimonial videos can help convert prospects to buyers faster and easier where effective and impact videos can boost conversion.

    People like to watch a video as compared to reading something

    Video testimonial encourages a greater level of action and engagement

    Video testimonial builds trust and emotional bond

    An action prompt can create a major difference when placed within, superimposed, or surrounding the video. Here are some other ways you can use video testimonials for a better effect on visitors.

    Provide assistance with purchase options by giving an option to chat so prospects can instantly talk to a salesperson during or after the video.

    On the testimonial page, place forms-to take online orders.

    Add links to vital information so that prospects don’t return confused and are compelled to buy. Installation options, pricing, and case studies are some links that can be used.

    Add a list of relevant sales

    Provide links to more testimonials

    You can improve the performance of testimonial videos by giving prospects answers to queries along with other information required to make buying decisions. With a dedicated video platform, you can enable easy storage and access to the videos eliminating problems that may be caused by video availability and size. Besides, you can also get access to other functionalities for audience engagement, viewer customization, and analytics.

    Add Annotation, Turnstiles, and Call to action:

    You can add clickable annotation and call to action links in your video testimonials that can be helpful in promoting better viewer behavior. Though you are already including an actionable prompt in the video but using additional text or audio can ask your viewers to take actions such as pressing the like button, subscribing, sharing, or making a purchase.Further, having a dedicated video platform can help you encourage viewers by providing better engagement options. For instance, adding a clickable link to take your viewers to any of the desired pages like a lead form, checkout page, or any other.

    Add Annotation, Turnstiles, and Call to action

    Best Practices to Enhance Conversion Through Testimonial Videos:

    Reach the Target Audience:

    Since every business has a specific target buyers’ persona, testimonials can help reach those with ease. These videos can make prospects believe they are making a smart decision by buying from you. And, the best way to do this is by connecting the people sharing the testimonial to those watching them.In short, video testimonials should speak directly to the target audience. This will help create trust, irrespective of who is watching the video.

    Detailed and In-depth Testimonial Videos:

    While making a decision for a particular purchase, prospects can use a specific testimonial’s authenticity for confirmation of the fact that they will get the service or product being marketed and promised. And, when you provide more details in the testimonial, it is easier for the target audience to know your product’s value in the actual world and the way it works.

    Focus on Customers Rather than Products:

    When a testimonial video focuses more on the customer rather than the product/service,the buyer is portrayed as the hero. This way you can immerse your prospects in the content and make them connect to your bran, willing to be a part of the story.

    Focus on Credibility:

    Testimonial videos should be credible because people go suspicious of the product that they find online, particularly when they see others praising it on the business site. However, an effective testimonial video appears to be real and makes the prospects to forget that the video is marketing something to them. So, portraying credibility and authenticity in the video can help you make a long-lasting impact and hence, convert more prospects to customers.

    Focus on Credibility

    Don’t Fake:

    Your video testimonial cannot be fake, it should be real with 100% actual data. This allows you to save potential embarrassment when you actually want to connect with the target audience and avoid being nabbed by state authorities for displaying any unreal data. Though using actors to portray as real customers sharing actual feedback has got some scope, prospects can easily differentiate between actors and actual buyers.

    Offer Some Help to Buyers:

    Testimonial videos are effective to overcome buyers’ objection because your prospects believe that your company isn’t selling through the review video.Instead, viewers believe that customers sharing videos are actual buyers who are really satisfied with sharing their experience.

    Ideal Video Testimonial Length:

    Generally, a customer testimonial video lasts from 90 to 120 seconds but there is no specific rule for ideal timing. Sometimes, such videos have a run time of three to seven minutes and even more. But 3-5 minutes is a better duration to ensure better results and returns through testimonials. Moreover, you can edit the video content as many times as you would like to do for a variety of audiences and channels. On a quick note, testimonial videos are well-suited for sales outreach and B2B sales.

    Final Verdict:

    Videos are growing to be a significant part of the online marketing arena. And, this is where video testimonials can significantly help you boost your business’ presence and conversion by portraying a positive brand image.

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