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    Employment Attorneys Fails Compilation

    Every employee in the United States has the right to fair and equal employment. According to the law and regulations, every employee is protected and should not be a victim of:
    Wrongful termination

    Despite everything, many hostile environments are hostile and every day, thousands of employees are being bullied, verbally and sexually harassed and treated as less than equal. 

    If you believe that you have been treated so by your coworkers or your employer, get in touch with our best employment law attorneys Los Angeles today, schedule your free initial consultation and learn how you can obtain compensation and legal protection from any future harassment or mistreatment.

    When hiring an attorney, there are a few things that you need to be aware of. Not all employment law attorneys are the same, and you should be extremely “picky” when choosing an attorney. They are just humans after all and can make mistakes as everyone else.

    Employment Attorneys Fails Compilation

    Here is a compilation of employment attorneys fails and things that you should keep in mind when hiring an employment law attorney.

    Fake Certificates:

    With a high demand for employment attorneys, many are trying to take advantage of the market and earn some “quick money”. That being said, there are many fake attorneys out there, presenting themselves as highly experienced and seasoned attorneys. One of the most popular frauds is “forging a fake certificate”. Most clients will settle for an attorney with a certificate and a good story to back it up. And that is where most mistakes occur when choosing an attorney. 

    Before you know it, if you hire an attorney simply because of how they speak and based on their working certificate, you will become a victim of a potential scam and end up giving someone a large sum of money, as well as getting nothing in return. 

    Note: Always check who you are dealing with. An attorney may appear “legit”, but once you start checking for their legal background and previous experiences, you will soon uncover the truth and see that it is a potential scam.

    Promises of Victory:

    A lot of attorneys out there are trying to engage their clients by promising them victory and that sweet smell of money. Nothing sells better than a guaranteed win, right? Wrong!

    There have been many cases of attorneys promising their clients fortunes. And guess what – almost all of those cases ended up badly for the client. In fact, a high number of those cases ended up with the client losing their case. So not only did the client lose the case and potential compensation, but they also lost the money that they have invested in the attorney, as well as their time and nerves. 

    Note: Never hire an attorney based on their promises. In fact, if an attorney is promising you a guaranteed win, you should probably look for another attorney who is more realistic. There is no such thing as “guaranteed win” when dealing with law and employment cases. 

    Handling Too Many Cases:

    Having many cases to work on can be great, but it can also be overwhelming and time-consuming. That is why professional employment attorneys, such as our Employment Law Attorneys in Los Angeles, never work with more clients than they can handle. It is a beginner's mistake to take more clients than you can handle. This mistake is usually related to youth and inexperience. Many new attorneys, upon receiving their certificate and degree, start working on their own and taking many different cases in order to “expand their work” and spread the word of their existence. 

    As a result, they end up losing most of the cases simply due to a lack of time and commitment for each individual case. This damages their brand, and even though the attorney gained experience and learned the hard way, he or she will find it difficult to get more work in the future, especially after a few negative client reviews.

    Note: Check the attorney’s availability to commit to your case. If they are already overloaded with work, perhaps you should find an attorney that is free to focus on your case alone and provide you with better results.

    “Sitting on Two Chairs”

    The employment law attorneys represent the employers and the employees. In most cases, they focus on either the employers or the employees, as there are different rules and regulations for each of them. It can be easily mixed up, and in confusion, the attorney could make a mistake and lose a case. 

    There have been cases in the past where employment attorneys tried representing both the employers and the employees. For example, an attorney tried representing employers from all over the state while offering services to employees as well. After accepting several cases, the attorney was so overwhelmed by all the different regulations and laws that are specific for each party, that he made a few mistakes and started losing cases and new/existing clients. Over the years, employment attorneys learned that you cannot sit on two chairs at the same time. Eventually, they started choosing one side to represent and focused on working with one party at a time.

    Note: You need to check the attorney’s past experience when choosing an employment attorney for your case. Look for an attorney who had a lot of successful similar cases in the past (you can always do the research on the Internet and see what other clients speak of that particular attorney. 

    You have to be aware of what you are looking for when hiring an attorney. In most cases, you want someone who is able to help protect you and file a successful lawsuit against your employer, someone who will protect your legal rights and enforce them. Also, be sure to understand the attorney’s payment arrangements as not all attorneys charge the same. 

    Some work on a contingency, while others charge you hourly. Be sure to familiarize yourself well with what the attorney offers, and everything else that you will be dealing with, before choosing to hire an attorney. Take your time, do your research, and avoid becoming another victim of inexperience.

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