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    5 Reasons Your Website is Not Converting Visitors to Customers

    Typically, a website’s primary role is to generate one’s business. In a website, you’re supposed to find almost everything about a specific company. However, launching and running a website requires constant work and improvement.

    Let’s say you’ve already worked your way and poured your heart out into designing your website, and the time has come for you to finally launch it. How are you going to make an impression? How can you tell if your web visitors are slowly starting to convert into your customers? Does your website even make that big of an impact to convince your visitors into doing business with you?

    It can get pretty frustrating that after everything you’ve done to launch a site, your conversion rate from visitors to customers remains low. Chances are, you’re missing some factors or principles needed in generating more customers. Listed in this article are five reasons why your website is not converting visitors into customers.

    5 Reasons Your Website is Not Converting Visitors to Customers

    1. Users Don’t Trust Your Brand:

    More often than not, people only buy from brands that they trust. If your site visitors remain as visitors instead of converting to customers, chances are they don’t trust your brand yet. People typically only trust brands that are already proven, established, and credible.

    Good news is, it’s not that hard to establish customer trust. Usually, you only need to prove your authenticity and credibility through the following things:

    a) Your content must be informative and accurate. Writing your content doesn’t only mean you need to gain customers and income. Writing your content also means your potential customers learn something out of reading it. Don’t just write for the sake of producing content. Write with the intent in mind that someone needs to benefit from it.

    b) Establish frameworks. Again, don’t just write for the sake of writing. Have a clear sense of plan about which types of content will benefit your readers most. Plan ahead on which topics should you discuss.

    c) Offer a subscription plan to your visitors. Through this, they will get notified about the latest trends and offers your company has to offer. This will most likely make them come back for more.

    2. Users are Annoyed and Distracted:

    Time is gold. Time is one of the very things people often value. If your users find your website time-consuming, with all-over-the-place widgets and other stuff going on in the background, they will most likely click out of the page and find better sites that can serve them well. It doesn’t really matter if your contact details or contact form can be found on each page of your website. Too many popups and widgets can get really distracting, and most users don’t want that.

    If possible, maybe you can try simplifying your web design. Opt for white space, neat background, complementing colors, and other things that look appealing to the eyes. A web design company in the Philippines can even help you out should you be interested in hiring a professional to create your site.

    3. Your Checkout Process is Complicated:

    Most users find it hard to buy products and services out of a particular website because of how complex and complicated it is upon checkout. When buyers are trying to make a transaction, they want it to be seamless and hassle-free. Consider revamping and simplifying your checkout forms and process so that you don’t lose potential buyers.

    4. You Don’t Pay Attention to Your Target Market:

    You might be wondering why lesser people are availing your products and services. Well, one of the reasons may be because you’re paying attention to the wrong market.

    Your products and services, the way you present all of it, its designs, offers, and freebies should all be aligned to your target market. Let’s say your target market includes adults age 30-50 but the way you present your products and services look like you’re aiming for the millennials. Always take the initiative to do market research to help you better prepare and offer your products and services online.

    5. Zero Appearance of Call to Actions:

    Call to Actions or CTAs are the clickable text links you see either at the top of a web page or at the bottom after all the information. CTAs include “sign up now!” “call us today” buy now” “subscribe here” and “join free for a month.” 

    You might be losing clients just because you forgot to include CTAs in your website. It’s crucial that you link CTAs either on top or at the bottom of your web page. Through this, potential buyers will have the option to either sign up for a subscription, inquire about your products and services, or proceed with their purchase.

    Wrapping Up:

    If you are well aware that your web visitors don’t count as much as your customers, consider addressing the problem right away. With one lost visitor, you also lose a potential client. Take all the time and resources you can to improve your website so that your visitors will keep coming back for more and even, possibly, turn into a customer.

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