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    3 Self-Care Tips for Moms After Giving Birth

    Giving birth is a truly wonderful experience. Mothers have the unique privilege to bring into the world a mystery of creation. Enduring nine long, adventure-filled months of carrying around a growing ball of life is an honor that is exclusive to moms.

    Big changes

    Along with the joys of motherhood also comes the enormous responsibility of taking care of another human being. From the nauseating mornings, varying hormonal changes (and mood swings), up to the particularly taxing and sometimes life-threatening process of giving birth, mothers are subjected to a rollercoaster of emotions and experiences.

    With the multi-faceted adventure that mothers go through before, during, and after childbirth, it is only fitting that appropriate attention and consideration be given to her.

    3 Self-Care Tips for Moms After Giving Birth

    If you are a mother who has recently given birth, you must know that you deserve to have some tender loving care. Here are three simple self-care tips to try after giving birth:

    1. Get some rest:

    The first few days after giving birth are crucial for mothers. It is extremely important that you get sufficient rest – mentally, emotionally, and physically. It would be a gross understatement to say that you’ve been through a lot. This is the time when your body is starting to get used to being “solo” again after carrying a tiny bundle for several months.

    Do not tax yourself by doing household chores. This is the time for your partner to step up and take care of chores or things that will cause you undue stress or exhaustion.

    Instead, focus on getting your energy back by taking plenty of rest. Sleep when the baby sleeps because it will be quite some time before you can have a semblance of a normal sleeping routine. The baby will most probably be awake every two to three hours at this time so store up on zzzs when you can.

    Everyone may be excited to see you and your new baby. While it is fine to accept visitors and well-wishers, do not feel obliged to entertain them. 

    There are hospitals that now put a cap on visiting hours but if you are at home, feel free to decline if family or friends ask if they can come for a visit.

    Learn how to pace yourself and work on slowly regaining your strength. Moms, especially those who have gone through a caesarian section, have specific healing periods. 

    Your healthcare provider will usually go through with postpartum care instructions with you, as well. If not, do not hesitate to ask your doctor for any concerns regarding your recovery.

    Focus on simply feeding and taking care of your baby. This is your “getting-to-know-each-other” stage to savor the moment. Strategically place the baby’s crib next to your own bed and make sure that everything that you will need to care for your infant is within reach. 

    This will save you from walking back and forth and exerting too much effort just to attend to the baby’s needs.

    2. Get proper nutrition and exercise:

    Pregnancy affects a woman’s body in more ways than one. You will gain weight because you’re normally eating for two. Once the baby is out, that weight will significantly decrease. 

    Depending on your eating pattern and physical activity, the excess baby weight will gradually go down. It is best to consult your physician about the best diet plan so you won’t run the risk of getting into faddish crash diets.

    Aim for nutritiously balanced meals. Lactation experts recommend that mothers should eat when they are hungry. Opt for healthy snacks or full meals, as needed. 

    Try to include choices from the five food groups – grains, vegetables, fruits, dairy and protein – in your meal plan. Cut back on junk food and sugar-laden treats and food with unhealthy fats. Nursing moms should avoid alcohol.

    Aside from eating healthily, you should also get into an exercise program approved by your doctor. Walking is a good start, as it does not only keep your heart and lungs pumping but is also a good way for you to take time out by yourself or with a loved one. 

    Yoga and other low-impact exercises are also good options as long as you clear them with your physician first.

    Your mental health should not be neglected either. Take a break to pamper yourself. After a few weeks of recovery and rest, go out with your friends or family for a cup of cocoa or to watch a movie. 

    Having a healthy mind is important so you can chase away the “baby blues” and lower your risk for postpartum depression.

    Confinement meals are supposed to meet all of your nutritional requirements. Some confinement food are also meant to assist with milk production. In curating a confinement menu for a new mother's unique requirements, caterers and confinement nannies are nutrition professionals.

    3. Get an extra hand:

    Babies require a lot of care and attention. Most new parents (and even experienced ones) can feel overwhelmed and struggle during the first few months (or longer).

    Do not hesitate to ask for help. Friends, family members, or professional baby care service providers can all be trusted candidates to help you adapt to parenthood. 

    They can attend to household chores or laundry while you recuperate and care for your baby.

    Be sure to keep the communications lines open with your chosen helpers so misunderstandings and feelings of hurt can be avoided. Be clear on what kind of help you need and set boundaries so you don’t step on each other’s toes.

    You cannot pour from an empty cup 

    Being a new parent opens up so many new doors. It is an eye-opening and heart-warming milestone in your life. To make sure that you give the right care, attention and love to your newborn, you must also allocate the same to yourself.

    Author bio: Ibrahim Khader founded Angels of Medical Care in 2010. The name "Angels" was chosen because of his belief that nurses are angels of healing and care with the blessings of the creator. The company has flourished and is now one of the best, most renowned home care companies in Dubai.

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