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    Important Things You Need to Know About HookUp Culture

    Ah, hook up culture. Subject of much pearl-clutching and academic ink spilling. Is it really so bad though? There are bad things about hook up culture, but as this article so eloquently puts it, that doesn’t make hook up culture inherently bad; it just makes society bad. We owe it to the people we hook up with to make the entire experience as pleasant as possible though, and that requires understanding what is so important about the culture itself. Learn what you need to know to make sure that everyone has the best time possible.

    Important Things You Need to Know About HookUp Culture

    1. Use Protection

    No form of contraception is one hundred percent reliable, but using any kind is better than using none, for a variety of reasons. Hook up culture is about the exact opposite of needing to take responsibility – you don’t want to be contacted in the future about the imminent appearance of hook up junior, do you? This applies whether you are a man or a woman.

    Contraceptives also protect you and your partner (and any and all future partners) from STIs, which are no joke, even if most of them can be treated in this day and age. Not using protection is an unacceptable risk for most people to take.

    2. Honesty may not be the Best Policy

    While most cases would say that honesty was the best policy, this isn’t always true. Most hook ups know that things are strictly casual, and that they can’t expect exclusive rights to you, but at the same time, it’s quite poor etiquette to openly let them know or find out that they are just a pit stop on a way to another meeting. Have some class, even in a strictly casual relationship.

    3. Don’t Linger

    To keep things casual, try not to string them out. It may seem harsh, but eventually it might be best to move on, even if your time together is great. Check the best hook up site reviews for when people think is the best time to move, and go with the site which best dovetails with your own ideas of what the best time to cut ties rather than develop feelings is.

    If you find yourself looking at all the different ideas and disagreeing with how short a time you should spend with each hook up, perhaps you should re-evaluate your involvement in hook up culture…

    4. Don’t Cuddle if you Don’t Want to

    This is hook up culture. If you want to just have sex, say so, and make it clear in any forum you are part of. If you want to snuggle, that is fine too, but again, make it clear.

    People find different things intimate – just make sure that they know what you want out of an encounter, and you will find someone who is looking for the same thing.

    5. Keep Name out of it

    It might be your style to say someone’s name during sex, and it can be really hot, but be careful!  Saying the wrong one will still hurt your partner’s feelings a lot.

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