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    How to Compliment a Girl and Make Her Blush

    Things to say to a girl to make her blush? The thin line between a good compliment and an awkward attempt to pick up can scare away any girl. A man, telling a girl a compliment, doesn’t always know how it works on her. A girl may like a compliment and may not. A bad compliment frightens off and even disgusts girls. How not to get in an awkward situation saying a compliment? What to say to a girl to make her blush?

    Compliments to beauty and sexuality of a girl are so obvious that many women take them for granted. It’s like the usual “Hello” and there is nothing in these words. Do compliments that other men didn’t tell. It has to be a compliment that relates not only to the girl’s adorable face, the length of her legs, the size of her breast, and the elegance of her figure but also to her inner traits.

    How to Compliment a Girl and Make Her Blush

    How to Compliment a Girl and Make Her Blush?

    1.  Compliment her sense of humor:

    Not only men like to be witty and funny. Any girl will gladly hear a compliment about her good sense of humor. You can just laugh at her jokes even if sometimes they are not funny.
    ·         Dear, you have a wonderful sense of humor (say this instead of banal words “You are cheerful and kind”). This is a good compliment for a girl.

    2.  Compliment her intellect:

    Admire the mind, ingenuity, and logic of women. Girls like to be respected for their intelligence and recognized as a worthy partner in life. A compliment to intelligence especially impresses those ladies who are proud of it.

    ·         It is so interesting to be with you. You are a great companion. You listen to all I say. Few girls can boast such a rare talent.

    ·         Despite your young age, you are amazingly intelligent and sensible, and it’s commendable!

    ·         It’s very easy to communicate with you – you can maintain any conversation! – By the way, this is how to compliment a girl through text.

    3.  Compliment her character:

    All people are proud of their personality and the character they built. Say a compliment to her optimism, self-confidence, upbringing, modesty, kindness. It works better than if you noticed the incredible length of her sexy legs. There few ways to compliment a girl:

    ·         Everybody knows about your kindness. It’s like a big breath of fresh air in this polluted world.

    ·         I’m at a loss for how to compliment a girl when there are no suitable words in the language to describe your kindness.

    ·         It is very easy and pleasant to talk with you. You know how to behave with guys.

    4.  Compliment her style:

    Her green eyes are beautiful, but it is given to her by nature, unlike the style. Praise her earrings that are matched to the color of her eyes. Do a compliment to her beautiful blouse, dress or other elements of her wardrobe.

    ·         This dress color is surprisingly suited to the color of your eyes.

    ·         This style of clothes so clearly (excellently, well) emphasizes your figure.

    ·         I look at you and I understand that you have an impeccable taste, a sense of style and magnificent manners.

    ·         All the girls need to take an example from you, and especially in the ability to pick out evening outfits.

    ·         Your image is worthy of an expensive restaurant, a serious guard, and a luxury car.

    Compliments for girls work well when they are spoken or written at ease and don’t require the return words “thank you”. Compliments can be spoken inadvertently and half-jokingly. And here is how to compliment a girl:

    ·         I’m not drunk, just intoxicated by you.

    ·         My breath is synonymous with love to you. And the love to you will fade away only when I stop breathing.

    ·         Your figure deserves the attention of the best artists.

    ·         I just got in shock when I saw you.

    ·         Please don’t stop smiling. You are my princess.

    ·         You are like a spring flower: cheerful and well-groomed.

    ·         Your voice makes me fall in love with you again and again.

    ·         I like you and it’s nice that you understand my thoughts before I announce them.

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