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    What are the Best Coyote Gun for Hunting?

    What are the best calibers for hunting coyotes? Isn’t that quite the burning question? It can be a tricky question for you to deal with. For some, it is not a very familiar position. For others, it is a walk in the park. You may choose the best scope for AR10, or you can have a look at these:

    Best Coyote Gun for Coyote Hunting

    What are the Best Coyote Gun for Hunting?

    .17 Winchester Super Magnum

    17 WSM for coyotes? Most varmint hunting will very much be high-volume shooting. And that too will be at a moderate range. The .17 HMR, .22 Long Rifle all can claim greatness, but the best one is the .17 WSM. The long rifle may be popular, but the skyrocketing cost of ammo can worry you. And you will even face limitations with coyotes and bobcats using the long rifle. The .17 HMR is just that much better than a long rifle. Although it just cannot hold a candle to the .17 WSM. At 200 yards, the WSM will drift half as much as a .17 HMR. It is quite the difference.

    .204 Ruger

    This zippy little cartridge can make quite a splash. It can shoot flatter compared to the gold standard, the .223 Remington. And it can also boast of being quite accurate as well. The great thing about this is, the components are not as expensive. The bullets can start out fast. You can check that utv gun case for your reference.

    .223 Remington

    This one is sure to be a shoe-in. If you are a varmint hunter, then it is quite an important cartridge to use. The .223 Remington can be easy to load. You can even find a lot of inexpensive factory ammunition. Best coyote rifles? It is even chambered in with a wide variety of rifles. It may just have a lack of bolt guns, the best coyote gun, and fast twist barrels for shooting heavy bullets.

    .220 Swift

    Do you want to shoot small critters at long range? Well, nothing can beat a .220 Swift that shoots 80-grain bullets. The trajectory is secondary to the wind drift when it comes to long-range shooting. You, of course, will need a custom barrel with a fast twist. At 400 yards, this load will drift 2.4 MOA to 10 mph wind.

    .243 Winchester

    It made its entry in 1955. And since that time, it has been thumping deer, predators, and the varmints. You will find the recoil a bit stout for the prairie dogs. However, having 58-grain bullets aren’t that bad. The 18.5-inch barrel makes it perfect to haul in and out of the pickup. The thing you may enjoy is that 58 grain Hornady VMAX bullets are shot just under 1 MOA.

    It is presumable that you have the information you need. After this, it is all down to your personal choice. And any previous experience can also help you to decide what to take. Just do not try to panic in this situation as this is a mild issue. Try to make use of the resources at your disposal. Always keep in mind to enjoy the time you spend with your best coyote gun.

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