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    5 Successful Online Entrepreneurs You Should Follow

    Have you ever wondered why copying is considered bad? Why do most people inspire others to be original? Yet most of our inventions and business ideas were actually copied.  You can agree to the fact that by learning and following a successful person, you become successful too! 

    Every online entrepreneur benefits from an inspiration and motivation. We all can learn great things from following successful entrepreneurs. These things help us with our entrepreneurial journeys.

    Starting your own online business is a good dream to pursue. Even though starting your business online does not require much start-up to grow your investment, it is a volatile environment. One miscalculation can bring everything down.

    5 Successful Online Entrepreneurs You Should Follow

    Nonetheless, with this knowledge, entrepreneurship is still booming. And why not? In 2016, it grew by 58.5%, a clear increase of 11.6% in the previous year.

    If you are interested in starting your own online business, follow these list of successful online entrepreneurs:

    1.   Tim Seidler

    Being a husband and a father of two children, he was able to use the online entrepreneurship to completely change his life. We’ve all being at this stage - bills piling up, utilities switched off. Tim Seidler faced the same things. So he did something most people don’t have the courage to do.

    What did he do?

    He quit his job and used all his time, effort and energy in creating an online income selling a collection of websites of six figures! 

    Seidler now blogs about the ups and downs of the entrepreneurial journey through his website, “Get Niche Quick”. His style of approach is important to upcoming entrepreneurs. Because they’ll see that there’s going to be good and bad days. 

    He now uses an inspiring way to share his current and upcoming projects and discuss them openly. He also shares his best monthly earnings and his daily earnings. Everything he does is inspirational. 

    2.   Jeff Taylor

    No doubt that Jeff Taylor has an in-depth experience in building a profitable online business. As the CEO of “Devise”, the business started as a marketing firm and web design which eventually transformed into a firm that markets, creates, monetize and ultimately sell websites. 

    Jeff Taylor and his business partner Evan Lisabeth both have the ability to grow online businesses at a faster rate. 

    Taylor emphasized the relevance of taking action instantaneously, stating, 

    “I’ve had thousands of ideas, but unless you put action behind them, nothing will come of the idea. There’s no reason to wait for the perfect time to start a project. Start working on it today.”

    3.   Dom Wells

    One of the huge businesses today is affiliate marketing. But the true fact is many entrepreneurs quit when they don’t get instant results. 

    For affiliate marketing, it takes considerable time and a well-formed strategy to make meaningful earnings. Dom wells is a successful online marketer who offers guiding tips to entrepreneurs who wants to learn how to make money online. 

    Wells website, “Human Proof Designs” offers training to people who want to start a niche website the right way through his blog. Everything from the niche research to monetization is appropriately handled.

    4.   Steve Rendell

    Rendell is the amazing online entrepreneur behind “Texfly”. Texfly is an online resource for upcoming entrepreneurs who are fascinated in creating cost-effective niche websites. By using the strength from private blog networks, he is able to rank them in high search results.

    Steve Rendell’s websites are unique because he isn’t afraid to talk about what really works and what doesn’t.

    Most of the SEO content professionals will not clearly state the truth on private blog networks. Instead of saying that quality content is and should be the main focus, they’ll rather dance around the topic.

    Many of the private blog networks and the elite SEO rank websites. They just don’t discuss it openly for all to see.  The blog that Rendell makes on Texfly is worth the read and benefit any online entrepreneur greatly.

    5.   Abdullah Muhammed

    Abdullah Muhammed is a Nigerian writer and marketer and the “Oxyenmat” founder. Oxygenmat is one of Nigeria’s most well-known content marketing companies. Nonetheless, it is part of his many accomplishments on his successful record. 

    He is also a business leader, lawyer, World Economic Forum agenda contributor. He’s a frequent contributor to popular publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur, USA TODAY and The Huffington Post.

    Hopefully, these five online entrepreneurs will serve to influence you and many others to start their own businesses.

    Conclusion: Also find an Adam Guild Entrepreneur. These people have great skills to offer you in your quest for online business. Why don’t you try them out and become successful people too?!

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