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    Top Fashion Trends for the 2018 Spring Season

    Fashion never stops in development and change, so every year and every season brings some novelties and innovations for fashion mongers to follow. Which new trends and habits should you acquire in the coming 2018? Here is a brief overview of key fashion concepts for everyone to master before the new spring season, prepared by fashion experts. Memorize them to get ready for the new fashion preferences in advance, and to shine!

    Top Fashion Trends for the 2018 Spring Season

    Top Fashion Trends for the 2018 Spring Season

    • Berets Are Back 

    Do you remember such a head accessory as a beret? The times when it was last popular are long gone, and it is unbelievable that this long-forgotten type of little hat is back to the list of fashionable trends. Be one of the first ladies to celebrate its revival and get one to your wardrobe, it will surely become an interesting, catchy element of your image. Experiment with styles and find the clothing to which it will suit best. 

    • Get a T-Shirt with a Large Logo 

    One-color clothing is an old hat, and from now on, clothes with large logo prints are back in trend. Now you can return some street-style T-shirts from home- or sportswear category to your mainstream stylish wardrobe. They will become a valuable addition to your collection of clothing items fitting many other things for a variety of occasions. 

    • Get Yourself a Pair of Sheer Socks 

    No matter why and who re-introduced sheer socks into fashion, they are here to stay! So, you may now recollect some joyful school days when your mother put such socks onto you as a part of school clothing, and experiment with their use with sneakers and even sandals. Everything is possible in 2018, and this unusual fashion trend as well! 

    • Select Massive Earrings 

    Are you a fan of striking, bold earring designs? 2018 will become an ideal period for you to express these likings, since massive, geometric designs thereof are back into fashion. Don’t be afraid to buy some giant earrings – you will still be able to make a striking image with such elements of style.

    • Revive Your White Wardrobe 

    The new year is the time of white shoes! Sounds strange, right? Not the white color in clothing overall, but only in footwear. That’s a new trend to consider – white shoes or boots are indeed universal and can be combined with any color. This is the feature they share with black basic footwear that used to be so popular before. Nowadays, white is taking supremacy in this aspect, and you will always stay on top of the trend if you have a pair of white shoes. 

    • Shop for Some Satin Clothing 

    Are you a fan of interesting dress textures, always looking for something new and extraordinary? Next spring, you will have an excellent chance to stand out of the crowd and make a powerful fashion statement with a satin dress in the style of the 1980s. These dresses are soft and elegant, which makes their reintroduction pleasing and convenient for beautiful fashion mongers. Shop for a couple of bright, colorful satin dresses in the Christmas season to be equipped for the coming fashion trend.  

    • Select Clothing of Fashionable Colors 

    Not only styles and elements of clothing come and go out of fashion; this is also true for colors. Which colors to look for in 2018? Which ones are trending now? We recommend considering ultra violet and red as the hottest fashion selections of the next year. Both making bright accents with accessories and choosing some items of clothing with these shades will enable you to keep stylish and fashionable throughout the spring 2018 season. Another popular color is yellow; though it comes in numerous shades and tones, don’t give preference to bright “chicken” yellow clothing. It will be much more appropriate to use some muted colors for the trendy look next spring. 

    • Don’t Forget about Sneakers 

    One trend that remains actual from 2018 is the one for orthopedic sneakers. You can still put them on with any type of clothing you prefer – ranging from a sports suit to a dress. This trend is a very convenient one, making the routines of a busy, active girl much more tolerable. 

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