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    11 Technology Trends 2020

    Technology is bound to break grounds as the year 2020 progresses. Although, 2020 wasn’t any less but with more advanced technologies taking over, we are expecting 2020 to be better. It will be the year of voice search, artificial intelligence, the block chain, augmented reality, chatbots etc.

    To me, I think technology has left me in awe with the pace it has been taking over the world. Don’t you feel in command when you are able to access desired information within few minutes? There’s always a new sun waiting to shine in the field of technology and it would be interesting to know what marvels are coming and will bedazzle by the end of 2020.

    So what are ongoing and to be technology trends 2020 of the year? Well, read on to find out below:

    11 Technology Trends 2020

    11 Technology Trends 2020

    1.  An OS for the IoT

    Cloud computing is the future since there are thousands of connected devices that are communicating through cloud technology. It allows for real-time monitoring and measuring through data analytics. Developers are creating devices for IoT (Internet of Things) and concerning projects are underway.

    The field is open for developers to take charge in the domain of IoT platforms. Cisco and AT&T are some of the giants in the industry but as of late Google, AWS and Microsoft Azure have also come up with their version of IoTs as whoever will lead gets to rule the IoT platform. 

    2.  AR, VR, and MR will spread

    Pokemon Go was the prime example of AR (augmented reality) but a game alone cannot revolutionize the AR tech but surely all the major players such as Microsoft, Intel, Google, and Apple are eyeing the entry into AR field and once they do you can only imagine the scale to which AR will spread.

    During the year 2020, a thing called digital AR eye wear is expected to make waves with its advanced ‘second screens’ mainly focused at the B2B market.

    3.  Blockchain to blossom

    Blockchain provides ownership in an indisputable manner and is by the same developers who brought you Bitcoin. This will be integrated into banks near you through which you can ensure massive internal savings. It could further be utilized for online identity verification in terms of buying and selling of houses or where digital music is purchased on the Internet so that artists are paid their dues.

    4.  Global isolationism

    Globally, and in a business world which is digitally connected the tariff increase will impact imports and exports. Similarly, certain restrictions will be imposed and that will lead to huge implications for the tech industry as a whole.

    For the tech industry to survive it requires right people and for that, it requires international exposure.

    5.  Growth of VPNs

    VPN stands for virtual private network. It enables a user to establish a secure and encrypted connection between a number of devices and the service provider (responsible for a VPN server). Snoopers are blocked as a result.

    In 2020, this thing is going to the next level as VPN will not remain a tech jargon for a handful few instead it will become available for wider usage since people now value data privacy more than ever and want protection against the dangers of hacking and identity theft.

    6.  Hello chatbots

    AI is sweeping us off our feet and 2020 is no different. Facebook is all set to reveal its chatbot feature in messenger than conversational agents at the backend. Viber is jumping the hype train of chatbots and is in the process of launching an automated banking platform.

    7.  Machine Learning

    We made a mention of machine learning earlier but very briefly, however, machine learning is growing at a rapid pace and has even assisted Google in enhancing its search engine algorithm. Although its application is limited, 2020 will see the emergence of machine learning at an even higher level.

    Every consumer application will see machine learning embedded in it and will offer better recommendations based on prior purchases. This will result in improved user experience and customer engagement. There is still a long way to go for machine learning.

    8.  More cyber-attacks

    The threat of cyber-attacks continues to increase. If anything 20109 has taught us is that you cannot be too prepared against these attacks and 2020 will look to work more towards the cyber security areas. A threat of a major cyber warfare is feared against the US according to one expert when she is most vulnerable. 

    The same expert also fears that a major hospital is on the verge of using an unsecured smart medical device and that all of IoT devices will be insecure and may be used to launch attacks.

    9.  More investment in AI

    Probably the hottest in tech right now is AI. The components of AI are expected to receive a huge chunk of funding such as machine learning, neural networks, deep learning, natural language processing and so on so forth.

    AI has been adopted and will continue to flourish through gadgets, autonomous vehicles, business intelligence, apps, & robotics and especially in virtual assistant domains such as Siri, Alexa etc. 

    10.  Rise of OLED tech

    Organic light emitting diode (OLED) tech will see a surge in 2020. It will be used, in addition to notable smartphones, in big monitors and TV screens. LG has been the only brand employing OLED tech in its devices thus far but as 2020 progresses, things are likely to take a turn as Sony and Samsung are not far behind.

    11.  Rise of voice search

    It is expected that voice search will move into homes and in the new areas of your office/workplace. It will be integrated into augmented reality and virtual reality headsets as well. Cortana on Holo Lens is a prime example of this.

    Above are few of the technology trends 2020 that are shaping and will continue to shape the remaining of the year 2020.

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