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    Wildcard SSL Certificate for Ecommerce Website Security

    Well, there's so much being talked about e-commerce business and online stores these days. Isn't it correct? Indeed, and surprisingly there are a plethora of online websites that are booming in this digital era. We can't blame anyone because, in the world of digitization and online business, every second business is taking a leap towards owning an online store. When you are in the process of settling your online business then you will not want it to get hampered with hackers and security breach. Prevention from these kinds of threats is very important to retain the customer's trust. 

    If you want your potential customers to be in safe hands and enjoy secure online shopping then you must protect their shopping experience with security best practices. If you are not new to the online business then you must have heard about SSL certificate and HTTPS. In case you are new to the e-commerce world then you must know about SSL certificates and HTTPS feature. Now if you getting confused and puzzled on what is SSL certificate then please do not. This article will let you know much more about SSL certificate and how wildcard SSL certificate is a mandate for the e-commerce industry. 

    To some, SSL certificate sounds to be a cumbersome term but once you know about its features and implementation it will seem to be the best for your e-commerce business. Let's start with what is SSL and what is Wildcard SSL certificate. Also, how getting Cheap Wildcard SSL certificate for your store will benefit the customers and its security. In the end of this article, you will certainly end your confusion and you will be happy selling products on your online store.

    As online business and stores are growing at a rapid space, Google too is getting a bit stringent. Thus, to have some peace of mind, the usage of SSL is variably changing for long. For example, in 2014 Google has announced that the website security would be an added mandate for judging and ranking the results in its search engine. Woah! This was a bit scary for few but this also meant that SSL/TLS will make your website stronger and more secure. This will give a chance to score high on rankings and gain better revenue and sales.

    The advantage of implementing Wildcard SSL lies in its traits and feature which permit the website owners to use as many as subdomains whenever required. So, when you own an online a store that numerous product categories and services to cover, then Wildcard SSL come in handy. By using the certificate, you can divide your online store into several other subdomains as per the product and services and then can secure all. 

    Encrypting Communication with wildcard SSL

    Luckily, SSL or Secure Socket Layers, with wildcard SSL is today one of the best communication for the online companies and organizations to encrypt the data and make their website secure. An SSL Certificate is a digital certificate which is issued by the most reliable Certificate Authority. When SSL certificate is installed on your web server, then it allows the website to encrypt all the external communication between its visitors' browsers. During this connection, customers will exchange information between browser and server using “Session Keys”.

    Let's take a dive in knowing the major reasons to implement wildcard certificate for your e-commerce website security

    There are a lot of effective reasons that a big e-commerce company or website should consider having a valid Wildcard SSL Certificate. Few to name are mentioned below:

    Wildcard SSL Certificate

    Get the security of Unlimited Sub-Domains. Isn't it awesome?

    As we’ve already illustrated above, that the Wildcard (*) SSLs can entirely secure an unlimited number of sub-domains for your website, thus they are important. Whenever you create new sub-domain on the same server, it will be automatically secured. You need to reissue certificate , if you create sub-domain on separate server.
    For Example ;

    Following websites will be protected using Wildcard SSL;

    (Unlimited number of first level subdomains)

    Hence, we can say that Wildcard SSL is convenient option  to protect unlimited first level sub-domains.

    Effortless SSL Management and its usage:

    Generally, securing all the sub-domains can be a huge headache at a go, but when you have a wildcard SSL certificate, you are sorted. But, few website owners think that you will have to buy an individual certificate for each subdomain, then you will have to install them for each, later managing them will be a headache. Thus, to chuck this mess isn't it great to use wildcard SSL certificate.

    Nothing is better than the cost effective option: 

    As you could probably visualize, in the above point that the e-commerce website can have multiple subdomains and the cost of maintaining them with SSL certificates can costly, as you pay for each subdomain. But with the wildcard SSL don’t do that. A single cost of Wildcard SSL certificate will cover all sub-domains under your main domain. Think about the amount of money that you can save.

    Last but not the least - Make Google happy because you get SEO Benefits:

    We have discussed this point in brief in the above paragraphs, where it is stated that Google gives a search ranking boost to the online stores that are decked with SSL certificate. It is proven that if your website has SSL certificate security then it might get SEO boost in the search rankings. Think about it, many online business owners spend millions of dollars each year for SEO tactics and strategies.

    Final Thoughts:

    Wildcard SSL Certificates are remarkable products that come with amazing features. They are quite versatile security certificates that host many benefits for the e-commerce business owners. Wildcard certificates are beneficial for a number of sub-domains at a reasonable price. Let's not wait for more to secure your online business with wildcard SSL certificate.

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