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    Wanna Know About Fixed Deposit Interest Rates

    Here is what you need to know about fixed deposit interest rates? Many people have their own reasons to invest. Some might invest so that they can have financial security whereas some invest to purchase luxurious goods in future. Whatever the reason is people always go for investing so that they can earn high returns and make a profit. 

    Investments always give you high returns, which you can either spend or reinvest in future. There are many options to invest in. One can invest in gold, shares, mutual funds, fixed deposits, equity funds, etc. Some investments like shares, gold, mutual fund involve risk though they provide you with higher returns. They all depend on the market conditions and so they are considered risky as market rates keep on fluctuating.  

    Wanna Know About Fixed Deposit Interest Rates

    Fixed deposits, on the other hand, is a much safe option to invest in. Many people prefer fixed deposits over savings as they provide with high-interest rates. Fixed deposit is one of the easiest and common way to save some money in India. FD is a regular as a secure option as compared to the market of stock investments and mutual funds. 

    Fixed deposits are a trustworthy option for investment where you will allocate all your saving at a one time. In case if you pick for RD (Recurring Deposits), you will have to devote your money frequently over a period of time. The process of the FD is very simple and always it is considered highly secure.

    ●  Banks Fixed Deposit Interest Rates:

    Interest rates on fixed deposits are high compared to banks savings account. Banks offer interest rates depending on the amount you have invested and also the tenure of your investment. The interest rate differs from one bank to another. Interest rates also keep on changing from time to time. Also, banks offer high-interest rates to the senior citizens. 

    In the case of a financial emergency if you break your fixed deposit account your interest rates in future might go low as well as you might have to pay a penalty to the bank. In such a situation you can go for an overdraft facility which will save you from breaking you fixed deposit. In an overdraft, you can withdraw up to 90% of the amount for which you also have to repay the interest on the last day of your overdraft.  

    After the demonetization, the interest rates have gone low not only for loans but also for fixed deposits. So investing now in fixed deposits can give you low-interest rates on your fixed deposits. This may make you face a loss if you are giving a thought of investing now. 

    ● NBFCs Fixed Deposit Interest Rates:

    Banks as well as furnish you with settled stores which offer a high rate of premium contrasted with banks. Despite the fact that they have high-loan fees putting resources into NBFCs settled stores can be somewhat dangerous as they can't be trusted.

    The rate of interest offered by NBFCs on fixed deposits is much high compared to normal banks FD. The Reserve Bank of India has agreed with offering 12 percent of the rate of interest by NBFCs to their investors in fixed deposits. While ordinary banks offer 9 percent of loan fees to their settled store financial specialists. The higher rates can draw in the overall population making them disregard the hazard required in NBFCs ventures.

    NBFCs offer you different schemes under which you can either get your interest after the maturity of the fixed deposits i.e. with the principal fund or you get the interest regularly on your funds. These schemes are to be chosen by you. 

    Investing in fixed deposits either with banks or NBFCs, fixed deposits will definitely help you earn higher FD return with its high-interest rates.

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