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    How to Prepare for Your Granite Installation Day?

    Granite countertops are unique, aesthetic, versatile, and low maintenance. If you’ve selected your installer and materials, the remaining bit is preparation for the installation day. Granite countertop installation involves measurements, fabrications, tear-downs, and other time-consuming activities. The level of preparation needed will depend on your schedule, kitchen size, and preferences. Here are some tips to help you prepare for granite installation day.

    How to Prepare for Your Granite Installation Day?

    How to Prepare for Your Granite Installation Day?

    1) Confirm Your Selections

    Granite installation involves various selections, including colors, sizes, designs, and final touches. Consider final touches like edge profile and backsplash design. Your installer will use your selections to fabricate the granite slabs and get them ready for installation. Some projects involve on-site cutting and fabrications, but most installers pre-cut the slabs for quick installation.

    Go through your selections with the granite installer to make sure no detail is forgotten. Having everything right before installation can help prevent undesirable outcomes. Leading granite countertop installers offer open communication channels, so you can reiterate your requirements/selections one last time. If you have last-minute doubts, concerns, or changes, communicate them to your installer before the installation day.

    2) Move Your Kitchenware to a Safe Place

    Installing kitchen granite countertops can be messy. The installers may cut the granite slab on the site to get precise dimensions. Tear downs can also blow dust everywhere in the room. You should keep kitchenware, utensils, fridge, freezer, microwave, and other appliances away from the working site. If you can't move an item to another room, cover it carefully. The goal is to protect your kitchenware and appliances from dust and debris.

    Moving your kitchen items to a safer room creates space for the installers and granite installation materials. Your granite installer can work effortlessly and with peace of mind if the kitchen is empty and ready for granite installation. If you have a large kitchen with many items and appliances, consult your installer to determine what to relocate. Make sure all items left in the kitchen during installation are fully covered and protected.

    3) Organize a Separate Meal Preparation Area

    You'll need to set up the kitchen elsewhere if you always prepare your meals at home. Your countertops won't be usable for several hours. The kitchen may also be full of installation material odor, making it unsuitable for meal preparation. Setting up a temporary kitchen allows you to stay home and prepare your favorite meals during the installation. Your granite installer can provide a timeline indicating how long to wait before you use your kitchen.

    Setting up a separate meal preparation area has more benefits for families who prepare fancy homemade meals. You can also order meals from restaurants, food trucks, and other outlets, so you may not need a temporary kitchen. Just make sure you have a clean space to serve your meals. Your kitchen will be unusable throughout installation and a few hours after. Temporary kitchens offer a backup you can use as you wait for your newly remodeled kitchen. 

    4) Keep Pets & Children Away From the Installation Site

    Children are curious by nature and will want to see what’s happening in the kitchen. Pets like dogs are the same. If you have children and pets, keep them away from the granite installation site. Children and pets can cause accidents or get hurt by granite slabs and installation tools. Granite countertop installation may also produce fine dust, irritating the lungs, throat, and eyes.

    Your children and pets are safer away from the construction site. The entrance to the kitchen should be clean with enough clearance to move the slabs in and out. Keeping pets and young children away from the construction site allows the installation team to work without interruptions. Children and pets can also compromise results when they touch granite countertops before they dry.

    5) Quality Granite Countertop Installation

    Installing granite countertops can elevate your kitchen and improve property value. Granite countertops are also easy to install. All you need is a reputable company that provides granite countertop installation in your area. Professional granite installers offer a wide range of options and quality consistency. The installers will also provide preparation and maintenance tips.

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