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    Top 9 Yummy Trending Wedding Cakes

    Earlier wedding celebrations were just about a few people and food, but then entered some revolutions, including the wedding cake. Any occasion without a cake is simply a meeting. In fact, cakes are the centerpiece of any occasion. The bigger the course, the larger the cake. And the wedding is one of the imperative days in any person’s life. This is the only day when the person’s friends, family, colleagues, and other acquaintances get together under one roof. To celebrate this memorable day, the cake has to be a remarkable one too. So if you are planning a wedding or looking for a perfect cake for a friend, here are the 9 yummiest trending wedding cakes.

    A cake usually depends on your taste, style, and choices. Trust us, choosing a cake for a special day is not a cakewalk. So, to lessen your burden, we have dug out some of the best cakes from different sites. Get ready to imagine that beautiful cutting on your plate!

    Top 9 Yummy Trending Wedding Cakes

    Top 9 Yummy Trending Wedding Cakes

    1.  Pink Crumble Wedding Cake, Winni, India

    When we imagine a wedding cake, we picture a beautiful double/ triple tier white, pink, themed cake. The pink crumble wedding cake from Winni is exactly what it is! The double-flavored cake gives you a royal look with vanilla and strawberry inside. Plus, the toppings with fondant make it look more attractive. If you want a simple, sophisticated yet fancy wedding cake, this is your go-to choice. The team’s motto is to celebrate relations, and it’s exactly what the cake is meant for.

    2.  Blushing Affair, Freed’s Bakery, USA

    Blushing Affair is one of the best wedding cake options offered by Freed’s bakery. For your information, the bakery has been serving delicious treats in Las Vegas for over 60 years. For all these years, the store has been providing the best cakes in the city for any occasion. Talking about the blushing affair, it is a four-tier delicacy looking like a golden retreat. However, you can always ask for one more floor. The best part is that the store can customize the cake for you in several flavors as you request.

    3.  Marble, Le Gateau Bakeshop, Canada

    Marble by the Le Gateau Bakeshop is the perfect wedding cake pick for modern couples. The cake is an abstract art with layers of textures. You can choose the wedding cake in fondant or buttercream finish with metallic detail, rendering a minimalist vibe. In addition, you can also play around with colors of your choice. A decade of years of experience in the bakery will not upset you in any way. This cake will definitely cake all the eyes, after the bride and groom of course.

    4.  Smooth buttercream with fresh flowers, Heidelberg Cakes, Australia

    Tier wedding cakes with flowers are a true masterpiece of art. The cakes inject a fresh, lively vibe into your day and so do the flowers. The four-tier smooth buttercream cake with fresh flowers from Heidelberg Cakes is known to complete its job at its best. Besides floating flowers, you can decorate this cake with candies, stars, or other decorative items. For health watchers, this is a gluten-free cake that you can demand in any flavor and size. Besides, the elegant look that pops up with satin ribbon adds the cherry on top.

    5.  Black and gold marble geode cake, The house of cakes, Dubai

    Black wedding cakes are in trend as the color represents boldness. Plus, a pop of golden color gives it an edge to make it extra special for your day. The house of cakes has the best such dessert to offer. They like to call it a black and gold marble geode cake. The modern and trending cake can prove to be an immaculate centerpiece. Moreover, the bakery can personalize the cake just as you desire!

    6.  Rainbow sprinkles wedding cake, The hummingbird bakery, UK

    The wedding cakes by hummingbird bakery are one of the best in the country. One of our selections is the rainbow sprinkled wedding cake. The dark dusky pink cake with rainbow sprinkles at the front is simple, subtle, yet attractive. “Rainbow Cakes are normally taller than other flavors as each tier includes six layers rather than 3” which expresses the bakehouse.

    7.  Boho Chick Naked, Love and Cakes, France

    France has all the best food to offer, especially bread. And a cake has all things to do with bread. This unique and delicious wedding cake by love and cakes perfectly fits the occasion. The Boho Chick Naked cake is a unique masterpiece that suits all of your tastes and desires. The cakes from the bakeshop have an edge over others as they are homemade in the Paris workshop.

    8.  Portion Cake, Sverre Saetre, Norway

    Instead of a single large wedding cake that serves all, this mini individual portion cake steals the eyes of each guest. The Sverre Saetre bakery in Norway is best known for serving them. This means all of your guests will get their own cake instead of just a slice. All in all, this can be “a little too much” to make your day more exceptional. 

    9.  Fruit cake with a samurai Sword, Michel, Japan

    The Michel bakery in Maebashi City is known to offer cute and gentle sweets besides a delicious and fascinating wedding cake. This is a designer fruit cake tossed with strawberries and a little bride and groom on the top. As a matter of fact, a cake with fancy fruit is believed to be the ultimate refinement at a Japanese wedding. What outweighs this delicacy is that it is not cut with a knife, but a ceremonial sword. Yes, you heard this right!

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