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    Men's Guide - Amp Up Your Outfits with Pajama Styles

    Hopefully, as an Indian man, you own a good number of ethnic clothes already. Well, with those kurtas and sherwanis, you have pajama for men in your collection as well. We need not remind you that these can come in very handy whenever you want to attend a formal, semi-formal, or even casual function. Whatever ethnic attire you are wearing, a pyjama will look great with it. Continue reading to learn how to dress up your outfits with a pajama.

    Men's Guide - Amp Up Your Outfits with These Pajama Styles

    Men's Guide - Amp Up Your Outfits with These Pajama Styles

    ●  A printed Pajama Over Your Solid-Colored Kurtas

    Regardless of the style of kurta you are wearing, when you pair it with some printed pajama for men, you upgrade your ethnic style to the next level! For example, try pairing your plain white, black, beige, or any dark-hued kurta with some geometrically printed or lightly floral designed pajama and go for the most unique and ultimate style you can flaunt at any festive function.

    ●  A Solid-Colored Pajama with Your Printed Kurtas

    we know opposites attract! The same goes for the case of kurta pajama too. Whenever you have a printed kurta that needs to be flaunted at a casual or semi-formal function, just pair it with a solid, contrasting pajama. Like, how about going for a plain white pajama over your dark-hued embroidered or printed kurta? We know you’ll love the results, no matter what the occasion is!

    ●  Sherwani with a Pajama

    Wearing a sherwani is the most commonly followed tradition in Indian culture. However, there are times when you just don't want to wear that overly embellished sherwani top underneath it. So, in that case, a basic cotton pajama works for you. Wear a simple beige or maroon pyjama underneath the heavy sherwani and look cool, composed, confident, and stylish at the parties, weddings, and festive events you attend.

    ●  Angrakha with a Pajama

    Wearing an Angrakha kurta is a super cool type of Indo-western attire that almost all men are crazy for! But you don’t always like to wear your formal trousers with it. Yes, we agree that pairing the same with jeans or dhoti pants gives it a nice, unique look, but when you wear it with a pajama, you create the most ideal ethnic style you can flaunt. Carry this style at your office functions, festive events, and even weddings if you like, and be unique and stylish at those events. 

    Pajamas with Your Aligarhi Kurta

    The Aligarhi-styled kurta looks smart and fits you like a second skin. And when these are paired with the same colored pajamas or even the contrasting shade, they charm you up like nothing else. This style looks awesome when you wear your formal sandals or Kolhapuri chappals with it. Wear this style at your office events, festive functions, and even at your friend’s wedding.

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