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    Kanjivaram Sarees - 5 Ways to Style Them with a Modern Twist!

    India is a largely cultural country with fashion being one of its main representatives of diversity. Needless to say, you can find the most beautiful sarees in every state to accurately depict what this culture is all about. Kanjivaram saree is among the most classic options that hold a certain elegance no other saree can replicate. Made in the Kanchipuram region of Tamil Nadu, India, a Kanjivaram saree has it all. Not only is it gorgeous from every angle, but it is also incredibly durable as it is made from silk threads twisted together with a silver wire.

    The sleek and elegant edge of any Kanjivaram saree misleads many to believe that it is only suitable for older people. However, with these 5 simple modern twists, you can now revamp them for your next event!

    Kanjivaram Sarees - 5 Ways to Style Them with a Modern Twist!

    Kanjivaram Sarees - 5 Ways to Style Them with a Modern Twist!

    1.  Embroidered Jacket as Blouse: 

    Going for the traditional blouse with your Kanjivaram saree is a classic, but sometimes it can look a bit outdated. You can easily take it to the next level by swapping the blouse out with an embroidered, cropped jacket. Go for a shade that matches the undertones with your saree along with golden embroidery to go with the saree.

    2.  Drape as Lehenga Saree: 

    The classic look one usually pulls off with a Kanjivaram saree involves typical pleats with a simple drape. You can, however, switch it up when the need strikes and go for a lehenga drape instead. This will properly display the embroidery in the lehenga and also give it a modern twist that you cannot go wrong with. Opt for an embroidered blouse with this drape and accessorize with a belt if you want to lean into the modern edge.

    3.  Add a Veil: 

    This is an especially helpful tip if you are planning on draping your Kanjivaram saree when you tie the knot. You can instantly modernize your bridal look with a veil that will add to the look. The easiest option with this tip is to go for the same shade as your saree for a coordinated element. You can also go for a contrasting shade and add a pop of color to the whole look. You can pick from options like sheer, translucent, opaque, etc.

    4.  Wear Unique Jewellery: 

    The go-to option with a Kanjivaram saree is always gold jewelry or some equally as gaudy. While this works perfectly for traditional looks, it does not give your outfit any modern element. For this, you can go with pearl jewelry, Kundan jewelry, or even some long bead necklaces to give it a boho chic direction.

    5.  Experiment with Blouses: 

    The blouses in any saree are usually not appreciated enough but the truth is, they play a very important role in the overall look. However, you can also switch it up with countless other types of blouses like sleeveless, puff sleeves, high necks, deep backs, mirror work blouses, and such. All of these have a distinct element that will be a complete game-changer for your Kanjivaram saree look.

    You can now shop for your favorite Kanjivaram saree on Myntra at extremely affordable prices. Get started!

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