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    How to Make the Outdoors Fun Again with Brute Magnetics?

    One of the most difficult parts of having a family right now is trying to keep our children occupied with fun but enriching activities. I always try to encourage time in the outdoors, but I have found that it is hard to convince them to want to get out and explore on their own. This is only natural considering how much they have to do inside as well, without even getting into the homework they are expected to do.

    The weekends are the time to shine, though. That is when I do my best to plan some sort of activity that will take us outside. However, I still want to ensure that they will enjoy it, and that is where things get tricky. If you would like to hear some of my recommendations on activities to plan, make sure you keep reading!

    How to Make the Outdoors Fun Again with Brute Magnetics?

    How to Make the Outdoors Fun Again with Brute Magnetics?

    Take a Hike

    Admittedly, this is hardly a “fresh” or “new” idea. However, I still want to mention it, since I think there are plenty of ways that we can make it a more entertaining activity. One thing that works for my family is bringing along a bird-watching book. We spend some time figuring out which birds we are seeing and checking them off of our list!

    Of course, that is just one option though. There are plenty of other options that you could decide upon. I find that inspirational blogs like this one can be quite helpful, so that might work for you too. Either way, if you find ways to encourage fun on your trip, it will probably go better than if you don’t!

    Explore some Architecture

    Explore some Architecture

    Now comes an idea that is a bit more “out there,” at least in my opinion. An example of what I mean by this is Fallingwater in Pennsylvania. There are a ton more as well. Do some research for your area and figure out what might work!

    Now, as far as why I am suggesting this…I find that when we are looking to spend time in the great outdoors, we tend to associate it with strictly going out into the middle of the woods. However, taking a walk in the local city to just appreciate some of the architectural wonders are just as valid! You are still spending time getting some fresh air, so there is nothing wrong with that!

    Try a New Hobby like Magnet Fishing

    When I was doing my research for this article, I came across a few new activities that I had never tried before. On a whim, I opted to test out magnet fishing. Using some of the gear that I picked up from this site, https://brutemagnetics.com/, I headed out to our local lake with my family, and we decided to make a whole day of it. Now, despite the name, this does not involve any fish. Rather, it is using magnets to “fish” items and junk out of bodies of water. I find that lakes work best for this, but rivers are another viable option. We made a competition out of it to see who could find the most treasures.

    Try a New Hobby like Magnet Fishing

    It is a fun thing to try out for a few reasons. I especially enjoy the aspect of it that is environmentally friendly. Since we are removing trash from these aquatic ecosystems, it is benefiting the local wildlife. Talk about fun with a purpose!

    On one final note for this hobby, though, I would like to highlight something to be cautious of. It might be a good idea to do some research wherever you decide to try this. Make sure that it is not the site of a historical battlefield, as you could end up finding ammunition or live rounds.

    Make it a Mini Vacation

    A lot of people seem to have a misconception that “vacation” strictly means traveling far or leaving for a whole week at a time. That is not what I'm offering, here. Rather, try taking a weekend to dedicate to spending time with your family outdoors. You do not even have to leave your backyard!

    Make it a Mini Vacation

    A popular thing in my household is going to the backyard to “camp” or even “clamp.” It is quite nice to be able to go inside to a familiar bathroom when needed, but you can still get that fun outdoorsy feel. Of course, it helps if you spice things up with a firepit or other fun items like that, but not necessary.  

    Go Somewhere Other than the Woods

    As I mentioned above, there is this common misconception that the only way to get some fresh air is to go out into the middle of the woods. Trust me when I tell you that you have a ton of other choices as well. While it is not accessible for everyone, going to the beach can be a great choice.

    Even the beaches of some lakes can be quite charming. My family enjoys spending time up around Lake Erie and Lake Michigan, as just some examples. It is up to you to explore what is in your area that you think will appeal to your loved ones. That is probably the most key thing to remember.

    As long as it is something that you can all enjoy together, it will be a worthwhile activity. Be that hanging out in the backyard and roasting marshmallows or taking a several-mile-long hike through the woods and mountains – the most critical thing should be that you are all getting to enjoy yourselves.

    It can be hard, especially with teenagers, to convince them to join in. My final piece of advice is to just let them be on their phone for a while if they are not ready at first. Eventually, it is more than likely that they will end up putting it away and hanging out on their own. Forcing them to participate is not going to help the situation.

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