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    What Are The Best Heaters Types To Consider For Your Patio?

    Patios are outdoor spaces in your house to socialize, enjoy warm evenings and relax. Patio heaters help keep your outdoor spaces cozy and toasty on cold days. With these patio heaters, you can continue to have parties or enjoy sunsets on chilly days. These appliances are outdoor heaters that provide a comfortable space when you don't have fire pits or if lighting one is too much work for you. During summers, you get comfortable on your patio and enjoy your evening, but as soon as late fall and winter set in, these spaces become a no-go. But that need not be so if you invest in a patio heater. These appliances come in various sizes and forms with different added functions like the bromic electric heater with a led railing and three different heat settings. 

    One should consider essential factors before investing in an outdoor heater, like purpose, area, budget, and functionalities. But besides safety and ease of use, the appliance's power consumption is also a central consideration that should not take a back seat while taking the final call. To make things easier, here is a list of different types of patio heaters based on the fuel type and design with their purpose to help you choose better.

    What Are The Best Heaters Types To Consider For Your Patio?

    What Are The Best Heaters Types To Consider For Your Patio?

    Fuel Type: 

    Propane: Propane heaters usually have a gas tank attached below and do not require any professional installation. They are easy to carry around as they are portable. They cost more in the long term, but once the gas runs out, replacing the tank with a new one is more manageable. 

    Natural Gas: These heaters require professional installation as they need to be hooked to your gas line. It is expensive to buy and install these heater variants but cheaper when using them. 

    Electric: Unlike the above two types, electric heaters are more convenient as you just need to plug them into any power supply outlet, and they will do their job. They are also safer to use in enclosed or covered spaces which is not the case for natural gas or propane heaters. 

    Wood: Fire pits or other heater options of wood require a lot of maintenance but also provide a good atmosphere. It is tricky to ignite the wood on windy days, and the temperature can't be controlled. 


    Wall-mounted: You can opt for this design if you have less space and can heat the patio evenly. 

    Free-standing: Stand-alone or free-standing heaters are an excellent option if you have a more extensive patio. Unlike wall-mounted variants, these appliances have four parts, base, pole, heat source, and reflector.

    Table-top: These appliances are generally electric and provide style to your outdoor space. They are portable and also look like table lamps.

    Final Thoughts: 

    Patio or outdoor heaters enhance the look of your outdoor space and give it that modern touch. Investing in something like a bromic electric heater that provides comfort in a beautiful part of your home after a long tiring day should be an easy task but, at the same time, should be researched thoroughly to fit your needs and requirements.

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