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    Drug Laws in Sydney and How Hiring A Lawyer Can Help

    To the AIHW National Mortality Database reports, 7.2 per 1,00,000 people died in 2020 after consuming illicit drugs, and a total of 1847 deaths were reported to be drug-induced. This data shows that drugs can harm a person's and their guardian's lives. Therefore, laws and constraints are levied for drug consumption, which can help regulate and protect people from harm.

    A banned drug, if seen with an individual in their custody, can be prosecuted in chapter 10 of the Drug Misuse and Trafficking Act, 1985, which can lead to detention, fine, or both. 

    However, you would need an advocate to get you to come clean of the accusation, and there are ample drug lawyers Sydney. An attorney will know how many grams of narcotics and what drugs are unlawful or banned in Australia to get a clean chit for their clients. The inventory of Narcotics that are Banned in Sydney:

    Drug Laws in Sydney and How Hiring A Lawyer Can Help

    Drug Laws in Sydney and How Hiring A Lawyer Can Help

    Prohibited Drugs in Sydney











    There is an index of many such narcotics that the Australian government forbids, and it's available on their official website.

    These drugs in different amounts in terms of supply and possession are banned; these will be a little complex to understand, and their laws too. There is a list of laws to regulate and watch the use of such drugs. Mainly, the Narcotics Drug Act of 1967 handles the licensing and permitting of the production of cannabis plants and regulates crimes and punishments for civilians in infringement. They even monitor, inspect, and investigate the license holder in the matter of cannabis.

    At the same time, the Criminal Code Act of 1995 handles all kinds of unlawful crimes no matter how the crime transpired; it protects the sovereignty with its general principles of criminal blame.

    Penalties for drug possession in Sydney are:

    Anybody who possesses a banned drug will be accountable for the penalty of $400 straight away, even though they have done it for the first time, under the Criminal Procedure Regulation, 2017. And conforming to section 21 of the Drug Misuse and Trafficking Act, 1985, a fine of $2200 will be levied in a minor charge. And in agreement with section 10 of the Drug Misuse and Trafficking Act, 1985, if found at fault, one can be penalized to a max of 2 years of incarceration.

    Penalties for drug supply in Sydney are:

    Section 29 of the misuse of drugs act also states that if the quantity of narcotics is more than the stated quantity of custody, they will be accused of trafficking Drugs. Drug supply can attract different forms of penalties, and the shortest punishment will be two years of prison and a $5500 penalty, to 15 years of incarceration to a $220,000 penalty. At the same time, drugs used for commercial purposes will be liable to punishments ranging from 20 years of prison or life incarceration or a $385,000 and $550,000 penalty, respectively.

    How a drug lawyer can help

    One should get help from a specialized drug lawyer by booking an appointment with the documents and additional evidence to dodge being sentenced for drug violations. A drug lawyer in Sydney with knowledge and relevant skill set will be good enough to offer your lawsuit in court and get you a clean chit. 

    False accusation cases can be tricky. However, if you have a good professional help you can get out of the situation with some effort.


    As the data displays, overuse of dopes can harm an individual's health and even cause death. Thus these drugs are restricted. A banned drug in NSW can draw a huge amount of fines, and the supply and acquisition of the drugs can cause detention. Hire a good attorney based in Sydney if you have been a victim of false accusations.

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