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    Virtual Financial Services for Corporate Clients

    Modern businesses require comfortable and efficient financial service options every day. Traditional banking no longer delivers the most effective solution and often requires a lot of time, money, and effort put into it. This is why virtual banking has started gaining attention, thanks to its numerous benefits. With a dedicated bank business online account, it is possible to transfer money, exchange currencies, create merchant accounts, and more. All of these features and more are available in a single Genome account for your business needs.

    Virtual Financial Services for Corporate Clients

    Features Available in a Business Account by Genome

    Genome (https://genome.eu/) is a financial service created for quick and simple digital banking. This company is supervised and certified by the Bank of Lithuania. This means that its services are official, protected, and strictly regulated. Each Genome wallet allows creating accounts in and exchanging the three most demanded currencies: USD, GBP, and EUR. With these currencies available, money transfers become quicker and easier.

    Companies located in Europe and worldwide can open a bank business online account with Genome to benefit from the following features:

    More than one IBAN account – The first money account opened with Genome is a euro e-wallet. After that, it is possible to open accounts in USD, GBP, and EUR. This means that there can be fifteen different account options.

    Beneficial exchange rates – This financial service allows for making instant money exchanges and offers beneficial exchange fees. The fee is only 1% for all currency pairs and transactions.

    Bank business online account analytics – Regular reports can be generated to monitor the statistics of each account. These reports are delivered in PDF or CSV format for your convenience.

    Transfer templates – It becomes easier to transfer money thanks to the financial service that allows for creating templates. Now, regular payments can be made in just a few clicks and within seconds.

    These are the main features offered with each bank business online account created at Genome. There are more convenient solutions available to suit every business and enhance the workflow.

    Registering a Dedicated Business Account Online

    It is crucial to have a specialized bank business online account for your company instead of a personal e-wallet. Business accounts include specific financial service features necessary for enterprises and allows filing taxes accordingly. Any company in Europe and other locations can apply for a business account by Genome. Here is how you can open a wallet:

    1.  Sign up by offering all the requested data to create a new user profile and choose a business wallet.

    2.  Go through the verification procedure and provide your identification document.

    3.  Fill in the information about your company and apply for your e-wallet.

    In this way, anybody can apply for a bank business online account. Each financial service at Genome is quick and simple. All applications are reviewed in up to 72 hours. After that, you can start using your new account for business.

    Referral Program by Genome

    Every owner of a bank business online account can apply for a referral program to earn interest. With this financial service, you can generate a unique link and suggest it to other people, business partners, etc. As soon as any client uses this link to start a new euro account at Genome, you will receive interest. Money bonuses will also be accounted for each time this person exchanges currencies or make financial transfers. Use your bank business online account to earn additional income. In Genome's Blog, you can also read more about exchanging EUR, USD, and GBP, making various types of payments, and other financial service options.

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