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    Top 3 Party Ideas That Prove Humor and Politics DO Mix

    In recent years it can feel like politics have taken on a life of their own. Not only have political beliefs become incredibly divisive, but people fear talking about them because they don’t want to stir conflict.

    What does that mean for parties, though?  If you still want to enjoy parties and political events but don't want to deal with the drama and fighting that seems to follow them: these are the top three party ideas that allow you to have fun while also discussing politics. 

    Party Ideas That Prove Humor and Politics DO Mix

    Hire Hilarious Political Impersonators

    Although some may be shocked at first if you hire a Trump impersonator, everyone will have a reason to laugh by the end of the night! These impersonators are generally on either side of the political sphere but don't reveal it in their character. Instead, they play up the traits of the person they're impersonating and allow others to react and have fun with it.

    There are impersonators who can take on the persona of almost any political figure, from Bill Clinton to George Washington, so don't be afraid to hire multiple impersonators to watch them interact.  Although some may be shocked by seeing some political figures at the party, once they realize they're just impersonators, everyone will have far more fun.

    Play Cards Against Humanity as Candidates

    Cards Against Humanity is one of the most interesting and fun card games to come out in the last twenty years.  Pushing the envelope and allowing people to get a little problematic allows people to let down their guard and enjoy themselves.

    If there's an upcoming election, consider assigning every person a political candidate or figure, and when they read the black cards (offering the lead up to a joke), have it be as the candidate. 

    This will allow the resulting responses to be funnier and give everyone a chance to laugh at themselves a little.  Although this requires people to have a very relaxed sense of humor, since everyone is getting made fun of, it might be easier to play. 

    Make a Drinking Game Out of Discourse

    If you truly don't want anyone to talk about politics and want to ensure everyone's having fun: create a drinking game out of it. Make a list of words, whether political in nature or not, that if anyone says they have to take a shot or buy someone a shot.

    These words should be things like politicians' names, political terms, newscasters, polls, upcoming voting, or any other topic that would sow discourse. Of course, you shouldn't let someone drink so much that they get physically ill, but creating a drinking game out of it ensures that nobody feels as uncomfortable when someone mentions a word that would be a party ender otherwise. 

    You Can Make Politics Fun Again

    Politics are serious, of course, because they affect people in the real world: but there's no reason to ruin every event you want to host- or make you leave people off of the guest list entirely! Consider some of these options, and have fun with them!

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