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    Robin Abou Trabi: Journey of An Investor

    Robin Abou Trabi is more than an entrepreneur, he’s a trailblazer. Not only does he see a need in the market, but he also creates them, and allows his vision and intuition to guide him through the unchartered waters that the average entrepreneur is too afraid to travel. Perhaps that’s because he comes from a family of go-getters. His father saw the opportunities in the United Arab Emirates and moved his family there to start a new life. He was not disappointed. Robin completed high school and set his sights on going to university. 

    Robin Abou Trabi: Journey of An Investor

    His dream was to become a filmmaker, and after studying filmmaking at Middlesex University in the United Kingdom, personal circumstances forced him to move back to Lebanon. Unfortunately, his hopes were dashed. But all was not lost, Lebanon didn’t know it needed a new way to do cybersecurity until Robin transformed the rules with his innovative vision. By having the audacity to believe that what he was seeing in another realm was possible, he acted on it. 

    He blocked out the noise from the naysayers and moved forward. His inner knowing told him what his country needed before they did. Robin is an obsessive innovator who refuses to conform to the status quo, and as you will read, he blazes a trail in every industry he touches. His cybersecurity business was a success, and within five years, he moved on to greener pastures. 

    In 2011, Robin married Laila Abou Trabi and today they have three children. In 2012, he tried his hand in social media, and it was a move he didn’t regret. He developed several pages in the sports news and entertainment industry including Ma3luma, Fi Sura, Thaqafa, Bela Houdoud, and several others. These pages became very successful very quickly, generating over 30 million likes within a few months. Robin entered into a partnership with Google AdSense between 2010 and 2017 and their campaign drove traffic to his Facebook pages in the millions. 

    Despite the success of his social media pages, Robin chose to start investing in real estate. In 2018, he invested in several properties and became well-respected in the industry. His success came during what was termed the ‘real estate rush,’ after several years of no sales, the real estate market began to flourish, and apartments were getting sold overnight. Not only were had investors started making sales, but they were also reaping profits of over $60,000 per apartment. It appears that Robin got in at the right time because industry experts are anticipating a property boom within the next few years. 

    After purchasing some land, Robin turned to the agriculture industry and planted thousands of pine trees. He took full advantage of the fact that Lebanon’s agriculture industry was thriving and he reaped the benefits enabling him to move onto other ventures. 

    In 2018, Robin built his first residential building in Dahr El Ahmar. He was advised not to make this investment because the construction industry was failing. The Lebanese government was in millions of dollars worth of debt, and construction workers were canceling contracts for non-payment. Despite the financial meltdown that was taking place, Robin chose to invest anyway and his investment paid off. 

    Since 2019, Robin has taken on several projects including website domain investment with companies such as GoDaddy, Sedo, and Dan.com. He entered into a joint venture and established the press release distribution company PRShouts. Perhaps one of his most successful ventures during this time has been the eCommerce app and website WinnerX. Thousands of consumers have won cash prizes, cars, and the latest technology for making everyday purchases. To ensure fairness, the draw is pulled by Dubai’s Department of Economic Development. 

    Robin Abu Trabi is relentless, when it comes to success, he believes the opportunities are limitless. His vision is his guide, and it provides him with the resilience and the impetus not to give up. He is a trailblazer that has persevered and will continue to persevere in the face of uncertain success. He has made a habit out of stepping outside his comfort zone and facing the obstacles he’s confronted with instead of going in the opposite direction. 

    Robin is a firm believer that obstacles are opportunities, and those who are willing to push through them will reap the rewards. He has not given us much insight into what his plans are next, but the Lebanese business world is waiting in anticipation to see what industry he’s going to take over next. Robin has built many positive relationships over the years which he accredits to getting him to where he is today. He is well known and respected across a diverse range of industries, and he states that he will continue to use the insight he has gained over the years to make his country a better place. 

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