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    Top 5 Types of T-Shirts Every Woman Should Have in Her Wardrobe

    Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend but women’s t-shirts come a close second! T-shirts are an all-time favourite that can be worn for both style and comfort, any time of the year.  Stock up on a range of different styles of t-shirts so you’re never short on tops to mix and match! Here are 7 styles of t-shirts for women that you should consider for your collection:

    Top 5 Types of T-Shirts Every Woman Should Have in Her Wardrobe

    Top 5 Types of T-Shirts Every Woman Should Have in Her Wardrobe

    1.  The Classic T-Shirt

    The classic t-shirt is pretty basic but highly functional, especially if it’s the ubiquitous white tee. The classic t-shirt is traditionally seen as having short sleeves and a round collarless neckline. It’s usually made from light, stretchy and comfortable fabric that’s generally very affordable. 

    The Classic T-Shirt

    Classic t-shirts in different colours are a godsend for the practical woman who wants to get around without sacrificing comfort or speed. Classic ladies t-shirts work just as well as a youthful, cool, and casual style statement. 

    Pair with jeans and white sneakers for shopping or your favourite pair of jeans for a movie night. Or team with a skater skirt, jacket, and stilettos. 

    2.  The Printed or Graphic T-Shirt

    The printed or graphic t-shirt is so-called because it features a design, lettering, or image on its front side. Printed and graphic t-shirts are extremely popular with women because they can be carried off fuss-free without the need for extras like jewellery or other embellishments.

    The Printed or Graphic T-Shirt

    Graphic tees that feature funny, sarcastic, or more sombre thought-provoking slogans are a firm favourite with young women who like to stand out without having to break the bank.

    Whether you’re an elegant woman, a regular goth-chic, or a no-nonsense practical type of girl, you can always find printed t-shirts that are just right for you.

    3.  The Extra-Long T-Shirt

    Extra-long t-shirts are so-called because the hem-lines usually skim the hips or the length of the calves. It’s easy to relegate it to the status of a boring but practical staple but the extra-long t-shirt is surprisingly versatile and has its own unique fan following.

    The Extra-Long T-Shirt

    Wear with a chunky belt over a long skirt for a modern twist on traditional boho chic.  Or tie the hem into a knot at the waistline, and wear it with your favourite jacket. 

    For those days when you simply can’t be bothered, wear the extra-long t-shirt with a fitted bottom like jeans or pants to balance the look and reduce all-over frumpiness. 

    4.  The Striped T-Shirt

    The striped t-shirt, like the name suggests, is a t-shirt that features stripes, mostly vertical but these can be horizontal too. The striped t-shirt rests somewhere between a traditional tee and a regular top in terms of style, functionality, and comfort.  

    The Striped T-Shirt

    The striped-tee is one style that never really goes out of style. Wear it with a skirt, leggings, or distressed jeans and ankle-length boots, sandals, or sneakers. The fashion possibilities with striped t-shirts are endless!

    5.  The Polo Neck T-Shirt 

    The polo neck t-shirt can be identified by the presence of a collar that’s fitted closely to the neck and folds over itself. Sometimes, it’s followed by a placard fitted with about 2 or 3 buttons. 

    The polo neck t-shirt has a long and unique history, but it would eventually evolve to a unisex style loved and favoured by people all over the world. 

    The Polo Neck T-Shirt

    Sporting culture has embraced the polo neck t-shirt over several decades, and it is common to see variations of the polo neck t-shirt in tennis and cricket, among many other sports. Pair up with white bottoms and sneakers for the classic sportswoman look, or wear with your favourite style of pants or skirt. 

    And there you have it! 5 styles of womens t-shirts that should form an essential part of your closet!

    Which is your favourite go-to style of t-shirt? Tell us regarding it in the commentaries below!

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