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    Exante Reviews 2022: Account types, Protection, Features

    People who use the platform will speak highly of it. Traders love broker "Exante" because it offers a convenient regulatory policy. Registered users also have access to major markets worldwide, a rich financial catalog, as well as other privileges like multicurrency accounts.

    Exante Reviews 2022: Account types, Protection, Features

    More information about accounts and their functions

    Demo accounts can be used to study the trading platform interface, learn about its functions, and then enter into transactions. You can pay for these transactions with virtual euros. While it isn't as profitable as a multi account, customers can decide in advance whether they are willing or not to take on this risk. A demo account can be opened by any client who registers to an account. But, it is not mandatory. It is worth noting that this demo account will not be unnecessary after you have looked at the website. You do not need virtual credits to worry - you can always access the required amount in your account settings.

    A multi-account was designed for a completely new purpose. Because it is able to combine all that professional investors may require, even if they aren't used to working in one currency, and don't want to waste their time with constant account changes, the multi-account is a success. Auto-Conversion makes everything easy. It offers fast, accurate, and current exchange rates. It already connects to sufficient currencies for replenishment and work. If you need to replenish in another currency, it is no problem. Simply ask for assistance from the support department.

    Why is the terminal so convenient to use?

    The platform has many advantages. However, the most important for investors are the financial catalog, the Blockchain module, and the ability to create a mobile app. The catalog has many features.

    It already has more than 300,000.

    Each registered user is permitted to add positions.

    The instrument settings contain data about margin requirements.

    It is possible that securities may be used to guarantee the transaction even if funds are not available in the account. Customers know that the company follows all the requirements of the European Union Directive. They are given reliable protection of their accounts and information. All transactions take place transparently. This creates the best conditions for a pleasant trade. Access to the world stock markets for finding the best price is made available, the catalogue is expanded and no commissions are charged.

    Let's talk about the block module. This was created by the client to adjust the visual display on the platform. Mobile apps make work faster and easier, because you can use the app from anywhere.

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